Research Opportunities

Alpha Omega Alpha Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowships - Summer term support (a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks) for clinical investigation, basic research, epidemiology and the social sciences as related to medicine. Up to seven fellowships are awarded annually to students in their first, second or third year. Each will provide $5,000 to the student for support of the proposed research project.  Website:

CTSA TL1 program is available for medical students and pharmacy students. Medical students would take a year off of medical school from July 2014 to June 2015 to do a mentored research project while completing a Master of Science in Clinical Research (MS-CR). Students that have an interest in taking part in this program should contact Laura Mussulman, Program Director at (913) 945-7835, or Dr. Theresa Shireman, Director, MS-CR Program at  For additional information regarding this exciting program that we believe will train the next generation of clinical and translational researchers in the region:

HHMI-AGA Medical Research Fellow Program - Fellowship funding for a medical student conducting a year of laboratory-based gastroenterology or hepatology research in the year-long HHMI Medical Research Fellows Program (partner: American Gastroenterology Association).  Fellows will receive a stipend of $30,000, a fellow's allowance of $5,500 that may be used for health care and other expenses and a $5,500 research allowance. The application deadline is

HHMI Medical Research Fellows Program at Janelia Farm - This program at Janelia Farm offers students with an interest in neuronal networking and/or imaging an intense year-long research training experience, living and working at the HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia in the Washington, D.C., area. Students must comply with specific eligibility and application requirements. Deadline early January. Website:

MAP International Medical Fellowsihp - MAP International, since its inception in 1954, has grown into an international service organization supporting health programs in over 100 developing countries. The MAP International Medical Fellowship program encourages lifelong involvement in a Christian context to health, social and cultural characteristics of a developing world community. The fellowship is open to fourth-year medical students and provides 100% of the approved round trip airfare to one destination. Students select a mission agency or hospital that has an outreach among the poor in a rural or urban setting. Students must spend at least eight weeks in the field. The deadline for application is March 1. Website: 

Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation Medical Student Research Fellowship Award- The Sarnoff Fellowship Program offers medical students the opportunity to spend a year conducting intensive work in a bio-medical research laboratory located in the United States. Applications are encouraged from second and third year medical students. Fourth year medical students are required to submit an official letter from their medical school granting graduation deferment. Benefits include a $30,000 stipend and an allowance of up to $5,000 for travel. Deadline is early- January. Website:

Society for Pediatric Research/American Pediatric Society grant - Research opportunity in a pediatric laboratory at a medical school other than KUMC. The grant will provide a maximum stipend of $5,508 and will enable each student to spend 2-3 months working 40 hours per week in a research environment. The application deadline is usually in late January. Over 300 laboratories and research experiences are available to students. Website: 

William B. Bean Student Research Award - The American Osler Society announces the availability of an award for support of research in the broad areas of medical history and medical humanism. Candidates must be currently matriculated students in approved schools of medicine in the United States or Canada. The successful applicant may be eligible to present a paper based on his or her findings at the annual meeting of the American Osler Society. The stipend for the coming year will be $1,500, and up to $700 additional may be available to support travel to the annual meeting (contingent on submission of a paper acceptable to the Committee at the conclusion of the studentship). Completed applications must be received by March 1. Website:

Last modified: Nov 20, 2014