Student Travel Policy

airplane imageGoing to a Conference or Professional Meeting?

The School of Medicine is happy to support student travel to conferences and professional meetings.  Due to limited funds, support for travel will be made according to the following priorities:

  • National student organizations (AMA-MSS, AMSA, SNMA, AMWA, etc.)
  • Attending meeting as a(n):  National Officer of the Organization, Local Chapter Officer, Official Organization Representative, Member or Delegate. 
  • Member of an officially registered campus organization or interest group.
  • Students attending a national professional meeting to present a paper, research, abstract, etc.
  • Other student travel (e.g. International health, medical missions, elective rotations, residency interviews, etc.) are not eligible.

Once you have approval to apply for funding from the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, here's what you need to know before you take off:

Students who wish to apply for travel support must do so at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance from the date of departure for the event.  Any request after travel has been made will not be honored for reimbursement. 

Students must submit in writing the following information at the time the request is made:

  • Student's name and office held within the organization
  • Name of the meeting or educational activity
  • The role the student will have while at the meeting
  • Dates and location of the meeting/conference
  • Budget - that includes all proposed expenses (airfare, transportation, hotel, meals, registration fees)
  • Conference/Meeting Registration Form
  • Completed DA130 Student Travel form (available in 3040 Murphy)

Send or bring this information to:  Lauren Parker, Senior Coordinator, SOM Student Affairs, 3040 Murphy; (913) 588-5261;

Please note:  Student will have to help fund travel from his/her own resources and pay for all expenses up front, then apply for reimbursement upon return. 

Travel must be arranged by Shorts Travel, (913) 384-4595

How to get reimbursed: 

  • Information that is needed for reimbursement:  name, home address, home phone number, social security number, KUID#
  • Original receipts must be turned in within one week after returning (e.g. passenger receipt from airline ticket, if E-Ticket then itinerary, taxi cab, bus, parking, food - NO Alcohol beverages will be reimbursed, etc.)
  • Reimbursement will take 6 to 8 weeks. 

The request for travel should not exceed the amount requested OR the amount the school has set aside for an organization. 

How was your trip? 

Upon return from travel, you are required to write a paper detailing your experience at the conference/meeting for the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, and present a summary of the meeting highlights to your organization's members.  This should be completed within one month of the return date. 

Last modified: Feb 13, 2014