Learning Environment Standards

The learning environment must be built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.  As such:

A.       Faculty must:

  1. Provide the opportunity for students to learn the principles, facts, attitudes and behaviors which will enable them to become competent physicians.
  2. Treat students with respect as individuals and future colleagues.
  3. Must strive to model professional behavior at all times.

B.      Students must:

  1. Put forth their best effort to learn and exhibit professional behavior towards each other, faculty, and patients.
  2. Show respect for faculty as their teachers and mentors in the process of becoming physicians.
  3. Must strive to model professional behavior at all times.

Additionally, health professionals who provide psychiatric/psychological counseling services or other sensitive health services to medical students must have no involvement in the academic evaluation or promotion of the students receiving those services.  Any faculty member who has a close personal relationship as a family member or care provider with a student should review with the Associate Dean of Student Affairs the appropriateness of that faculty member's involvement in the student's supervision, evaluation or promotion process.  The faculty will comply with the decision of the Dean in such matters.

If you have a concern, please use this form to report: http://www.kumc.edu/school-of-medicine/osa/forms/student-concern-report-form.html. 

Approved by the 2005-2006 Academic Committee

Last modified: Jul 25, 2017