Hearing Procedure for Misconduct Warranting Discipline

  1. In the event any student is alleged to have engaged in any misconduct warranting discipline for which the student has been recommended to the Academic Committee for dismissal or other disciplinary action, the student may request, in writing, an opportunity to appear personally before the Academic Committee prior to the effective date of the recommendation for dismissal. Upon receipt of a written request the Academic Committee shall permit the student the opportunity to characterize her/his academic conduct and place it in what the student deems to be the proper context. Under no circumstance shall the student be permitted to be represented by counsel. However, if the student desires, up to three faculty members may testify on the student’s behalf.
  2. Should, after such a hearing, a majority of a quorum of the Academic Committee votes to recommend dismissal or other disciplinary action, this decision shall be forwarded to the Executive Dean. The student will have ten (10) days to appeal the decision to the Executive Dean. The Executive Dean will, after ten (10) days or after hearing the student’s appeal, decide to implement the recommendation for dismissal or other disciplinary action, or to reinstate the student into the academic program of the medical school. The Executive Dean should inform the Academic Committee in writing the reasons for the decision of reinstatement and should describe any special conditions that the student will be expected to undertake relative to the student’s reinstatement into the academic program.

Last modified: Jan 19, 2018