Grades Policy

The due date for grades is 6-weeks following the conclusion of a course.  Four (4) weeks after a course or clinical rotation has ended e-mail notifications for each grade missing will be sent to the Course Director and Course Administrator. The e-mail message will include instructions on how to submit the official grade.  E-mail reminders are sent to Course Directors and Course Administrators weekly until the grades are submitted.

The OME prepares end of semester reports for each course on the timeliness of grades.  Those reports are distributed to:

  • Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
  • Associate Dean for Medical Education
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs, KC and Wichita
  • Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, KC
  • Director, Student Affairs, Wichita
  • Education Council Chairperson
  • Phase II Committee Chairperson
  • Phase I Committee Chairperson

The Office of the Registrar will not release a student's diploma for the hooding ceremony if the student's official record is missing a grade(s) or the Registrar has not received written confirmation that the student is passing a course for which a grade(s) has not been officially submitted.

Last modified: Jan 19, 2018