Protocol for Grade or Evaluation Challenges

  1. Students wishing to contest their grade or an evaluation must submit a request in writing to the course/clerkship director.  All requests for consideration must be submitted within 30 days of the posting of the grade by the Registrar and must contain the rationale for the challenge.  After receiving the request the course/clerkship director will meet with the faculty responsible for the evaluation, if indicated.  If the director determines that a meeting between the student and faculty would help clarify the basis of the evaluation and result in a beneficial discussion, he/she will arrange a meeting with the student, faculty and clerkship director.  The director will present her/his recommendation to the department Chair.  If necessary, the Chair may meet with the student before the department's decision is made.  The department's decision will be presented to the student within two weeks of receipt of the student's concern.
  2. If the student feels that their concern has not been adequately addressed by the department, he/she may present their concerns in writing to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  The Associate Dean will refer the issue to the Academic Committee upon student request.  The Academic Committee will review the issue within 60 days of receiving the request. If the student does not accept the decision of the Academic Committee, she/he may appeal to the Executive Dean for a final decision.
  3. Neither the Academic Committee nor Executive Dean shall unilaterally change the grade or evaluation.  The grade or evaluation will be changed only if the department Chair agrees. 
  4. The primary concern of the Associate Dean, Academic Committee, and Executive Dean upon appeal will be whether the student was treated fairly, whether the student was treated as other students in the class and that the process of evaluation was conducted in accordance with departmental policy.  The Associate Dean, Academic Committee and Executive Dean will not contest the validity of test questions or the validity of faculty observations of  the student as long as there is no evidence that the observations were unfairly biased.
  5. The student will have 10 working days in which to accept or reject the decision offered at any level of appeal, with the exception of the Executive Dean's opinion which is final.  Once the student accepts the decision at any level of appeal and does not appeal to the next level, the decision is considered final and is not open for further discussion.

Last modified: Jan 19, 2018