University of Kansas Student E-mail Policy

The University routinely uses e-mail for both formal and informal communication with students. E-mail is the official means of communicating with medical students. Each new student, upon enrolling, is issued a KUMC e-mail account with an address on the domain. This is the account used for the University business and official University communications to students. Students are expected to regularly check their KUMC account for University communications. The University encourages students to maintain separate e-mail accounts and addresses with an Internet Service Provider for personal communications but may use the KUMC account for personal communication at their discretion. Students may also, at their discretion, routinely forward e-mail from their KUMC account to a personal account. They should keep in mind that KUMC e-mail is encrypted during storage and transmission and may be more secure than another e-mail system. Microsoft Outlook accounts remain the property of the State of Kansas. They are routinely disabled 90 days after graduation or other severance from the University.

KUMC e-mail is a fairly secure e-mail environment. However, no communication medium is completely secure. Exercise good judgment in choosing what to include in your communications.

Last modified: Mar 31, 2017