Communication with Medical Students

The Offices in Student Affairs communicate with medical students in four ways.

  1. E-Mail: This means of communication is used frequently both by the Offices in Student Affairs and by the Faculty of the School of Medicine. This has become an extremely important and efficient way of communication and students should have computer skills essential to participation in this form of communication. It is important to not use E-mail in a frivolous manner and it is expected that the Medical Center rules for the utilization of E-mail will be followed.
  2. The Office of Student Affairs maintains the website Medical Student Online Service (MED-SOS). MED-SOS provides updated information on issues of importance to the academic, personal, and professional develop of all medical students. Please feel free to browse the site. If you have questions or problems, call 588-1483 for assistance.
  3. The third way that we communicate with medical students is our open door policy for medical students. A student with questions or problems can walk in to either the Wichita or Kansas City Offices and ask to see a staff member. There will be staff available to deal with questions and problems.

Last modified: Oct 21, 2013