Criminal Background Check

When considering individuals for enrollment or residency training, criminal history records are reviewed to determine how they may relate to the content and nature of the education or training provided, as well as the safety and security of University employees, students, patients, the public and University property. This conviction information must be disclosed before an applicant can be considered for admission to educational programs or appointment to residency training - opportunities which may involve supervised access to children, developmentally disabled persons or vulnerable adults as defined by the law. A conviction/criminal history record does not automatically disqualify an applicant for admission or appointment. Criminal history records may be verified through law enforcement-related agencies. Initial and/or continued admission or appointment may be subject to a satisfactory Criminal Conviction Report. Questions about the use of conviction/criminal history information in the application process may be referred to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (students) or the Graduate Medical Education Office (residents).

Last modified: Jan 19, 2018