Medical School Attendance Policies

Attendance is expected at all scheduled examinations across all four years of the educational program. Absences must be excused if medical students wish to make up missed examinations. There are two basic reasons for which an absence from an examination will be excused. The first is illness. When a medical student becomes ill before or during a test block, he/she must be seen at the Student Health Service and return documentation of the visit to the Office of Student Affairs. It is preferable that the student be seen by Student Health prior to requesting an excused absence. However, that may not always be possible. A student must present documentation to the Office of Student Affairs as soon as possible. The second reason for which an excused absence from examination may be given is a family emergency such as birth, illness, accident, or death of a close family member. Again, documentation must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs.

Phase I - The curriculum is arranged so that all lectures are integrative between the courses offered during each block. The integration provides an essential framework that students should use to organize and facilitate the development of an integrated knowledge base essential to the practice of medicine. Most Phase I courses have small group activities. Attendance is mandatory and any absence from a small group activity must be excused by the department in question if medical students wish to have an opportunity to make up what might have been missed. It is wise to check with your instructor on the first day that groups meet to insure that you understand his/her process for an excused absence. Attendance at Clinical Skills experiences is mandatory and any expected absence must be arranged with the Clinical Skills director. 

The process to be used for requesting an excused absence while in Phase I is to contact Mark Meyer, M.D., Associate Dean for Student Affairs by e-mail (preferred) or by phone 913-588-5261.  Dean Meyer will in turn notify the appropriate course director if an excused absence has been granted.   You will be notified by Dean Meyer and/or the course director of the makeup date for a missed exam or any required activity.

Phase II - Attendance at all scheduled clinical clerkship activities is mandatory unless arrangements are made with the clerkship director or educational coordinator prior to the time of expected absence. Proper permission/notification of an absence includes permission/notification to the clerkship director, e-mail or phone notification to the clerkship administrator and notifying any preceptors and/or Chief Resident affected. 

The process to be used for requesting an excused absence while in Phase II is to contact the Chief Resident and/or Attending Physician as well as the Clerkship/Elective/Course Administrator by e-mail or by phone/pager.  You will be advised if/when any examination or required activity has been arranged.  Excused absences are granted solely at the discretion of the clerkship director. Examples of potentially excused absences may include: illness of student or dependent, accident, death of a close family member. Students may be required to complete an additional assignment for their excused absence.

The School of Medicine attendance policy allows a student to miss up to 2 days of a clerkship ‑ if the time is approved and excused by Dr. Mark Meyer.  A student may be given some leeway for brief absences for illness or absences that are due to other medical school activities (e.g. meeting presentations, shelf exam retakes). Absences for personal reasons (skiing holiday, vacations, tennis tournaments, routine doctor appointments, graduations, etc.) will not be granted.  Unexcused absences from clinical duties can result in required remediation, and would most likely be adversely reflected in your final grade.  If additional time off beyond 2 days is required for extreme circumstances, the clerkship director can work with you to set up time to remediate. No more than 2 days of a 4-week clinical/fourth year experience may be excused.

Last modified: Oct 18, 2013