Medical School Attendance Policies

Attendance and Leave Policy for ACE Curriculum

Attendance Expectations for M1 and M2 Students

M1 and M2 medical students are expected to attend all required activities and scheduled examinations. The School of Medicine attendance standards will be addressed during orientation and may be discussed by course directors at the beginning of the course. It is the student's responsibility to understand which sessions are mandatory and under what circumstances an absence may be excused. The attendance standards are as follows: 

1. It is expected that students will arrive prepared and on time for courses and othe school-related obligations. 

2. Attendance is mandatory for M1 and M2 learning experiences, including small-group activities, clinical experiences and classroom sessions that include patients (actual or standardized). Attendance may also be required at other sessions, as indicated by the course director. 

3. Attendance is mandatory for all examinations. If a student cannot be present for an examination due to illness, family emergency, or other extenuating circumstances warranting an excused absence, the student must contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs as soon as possible to make arrangements to satisfy the examination requirement. 

4. Students are responsible for making up any work missed during an approved absence. Make-up work for absences that are not excused will not be permitted and may impact the student's grade. Unexcused absences from Phase II duties will result in required remediation. 

Excused Absences from Mandatory Sessions: Students may be excused from mandatory sessions due to serious health issues, family emergencies, religious observances (see also religious accommodation policy), pregnancy-related complications, or welcoming a child through childbirth, adoption or foster care (see also childbirth accommodation policy), or for medical school related activities. In these circumstances, the student must notify the Associate Dean for Student Affairs or appropriate campus agent prior to the course, if possible. The student may be required to provide documentation to support the reason for the absence. The campus agent will review the material and inform the appropriate course director, clinical skills instructor or small group leader if an excused absence has been granted. The faculty member will then arrange with the student a makeup date for any required activity or examination missed. 

Students are excused from clinical activities or classes to attend medical appointments and health care services. Notify attending, preceptor, or faculty member of absence as soon as the appointment is known.

Extended/Multiple Absences: A student requesting multiple absences should work with the campus agent to determine whether making up the missed coursework is feasible or if a leave of absence would be a more appropriate. 

Leave of Absence Procedures 

A student may request a leave of absence due to serious illness, family emergencies, military service, financial hardship, complications from pregnancy, welcoming a child through birth, adoption, or foster care, or unexpected circumstances beyond the student's control. To request a lave of absence, the student must submit a written request to the campus agent that outlines the nature of the requested leave and provides the anticipated starting and ending dates. The student may also be asked to provide relevant, supporting documentation. The campus agent may grant the student a leave of absence for up to one year, or longer if medically necessary. Prior to leave, a plan for re-entry into the curriculum and meeting requirements for graduation should be outlined with the campus agent. 


Exams - Attendance is expected at all scheduled examinations. In order to retake an exam, an excused absence is required. When a medical student becomes ill before or during an exam, he/she must contact the Office of Student Affairs, specifically Dean Mark Meyer on the KC campus and Dean Garold Minns on the Wichita campus. The Salina campus policy is listed below. The student must also be seen at Student Health or by their primary provider and return documentation of the visit to the Office of Student Affairs. It is preferable that the student be seen by a healthcare provider prior to requesting an excused absence. However, that may not always be possible. If a student experiences a family emergency such as birth, illness, accident, or death of a close family member, an excused absence may be granted by contacting the appropriate campus dean and providing documentation to the Office of Student Affairs.

Phase I & Phase II: Attendance is mandatory at all Phase 1 required activities, including the Clinical Skills experiences. Attendance at all scheduled Phase II clinical clerkship activities is also mandatory. Any excused absence must be approved by the Office of Student Affairs. The process to be used for requesting an excused absence while in Phase I is to contact Dean Mark Meyer on the KC campus and Dean Garold Minns on the Wichita Campus. The Salina campus policy is listed below. The Dean will notify the appropriate course director, clinical skills instructor or small group leader if an excused absence has been granted. Then, the student will be notified by the appropriate dean and/or the appropriate faculty member with the makeup date for any required activity. The process to be used for requesting an excused absence while in Phase II is to contact the appropriate campus dean designated above. The student should also contact the Chief Resident and/or Attending Physician as well as the Clerkship/Elective Course Administrator by e-mail or by phone/pager. You will be advised if/when any examination or required activity has been arranged. Each campus designee will determine if the request qualifies for an excused absence. Excused absences may be provided for birth, illness, accident, or death of a close family member. Students may be required to complete an additional assignment for their excused absence. The School of Medicine attendance policy allows a student to miss up to 2 days of a clerkship if the time is approved and excused by the campus designee. A student may be provided absences due to other medical school activities (e.g. officially representing the college, presenting at a national conference, attending national conference as the student leader of an organization, shelf exam retake). DO NOT PURCHASE NOR PLAN TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS BEFORE RECEIVING APPROVAL FOR AN EXCUSED ABSENCE FROM YOUR CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE LISTED ABOVE. Absences for personal reasons will not be granted. Unexcused absences from clinical duties can result in required remediation.

Salina: On the Salina campus students are instructed to contact the Associate Dean for the Basic Sciences (Dr. Robinson) regarding an absence from required Phase 1 activities and the Associate Dean for Clinical Experiences/Clerkship Director (Dr. Owings), as well as their attending physician and clerkship coordinator (Lucy Kollhoff), regarding an absence while in a Phase 2 experience. Dean Cathcart-Rake is then informed of such absences.

Last modified: Apr 10, 2018