Summer Research Projects 2012

StudentMentorAreaProject Title
Jimmy Allen Erica Person
Mark Cohen
Cancer Evaluation of Withaferin-A in the Treatment of Metastatic Uveal Melanoma
Evan Ball Andrew Godwin Cancer Applications of microfluidic technologies for diagnostic and personalized medicine in molecular oncology
Brandon Barnds Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy Cardiology Restrospective study analyzing cardiac computed tomography exams for various parameters which are not normally acquired during normal CT reading
Garrett Barton Mark Cohen Cancer Evaluate the efficacy of KU-655 or one of its analogues in a xenograft model of TNBC in nude mice
Bennett Berning Kenneth Peterson Biochemistry Regulation of Human β-globin Gene Expression in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Samir Bhakta Dhaval Bhavsar Plastic Surgery and Burns Quality Indicators in Burn Patients
Kevin Campbell Mitzi Scotten Pediatrics Adherence and MBTI Personality Type in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis
Josh Cleveland Udayan Apte Pharm/Tox Role of O-linked b-N-acetylglucosamine conjugation on acetaminophen (APAP) induced acute liver failure (ALF)
Sarah Dickes Laura Martin Neuroscience Analyzing the association between impulsivity, nicotine addiction, and obesity, and the effect of this association on decision-making using functional magnetic resonance imaging
Luke Frager Kirk Miller Radiology Assess the impact of newly implemented pre-procedure screening, contrast dose reduction and increased hydration policies in UKH patients receiving iodinated contrast for CT imaging
Eric Funk Russell Swerdlow Neurology Ketone Bodies as a Brain Energy Source
Matthew Gayed Jeffrey Burns Neurology Resting State and Functional Health in Alzheimer's Disease and Normal Aging: The impact functional health has on the "default mode network" and its relation to the development of Alzheimer's disease
Alicia Gingrich Mark Cohen Cancer Evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of XL 184, vandetanib, and vandetanib conjugated with HS in an in vivo murine xenograft model of MTC using human medullary cancer DRO81-1 cells that metastasize to the lung, liver and spleen
Thomas Greaves Brian Andrews Plastic Surgery Developmental Delay in Deformational Plagiocephaly
Armand Heyns Abhijit Lele Anesthesiology Incidence and Impact of Obtaining Routine and Emergent Bed-side Portable Chest X-Rays in Neurocritical Care
Jared Hodgson Gary Hinson Radiology The use of ultrasound to diagnose meniscal injuries
Casper Hu Buddhadeb Dawn Cardiology Assessment of Left Ventricle Diastolic Function late after Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement
Anee Sophia Jackson Brian Andrews  Plastic Surgery Outcomes in facial Trauma: A Retrospective Analysis
Charles Jehle Dhaval Bhavsar Plastic Surgery and Burns Assessing impact of alcohol intake on burn patients
Julia Johnson Julie Wei ENT Use of ketoralac in recovery room after pediatric tonsillectomy
Monica Johnson Steven Simpson Pulmonary Determine if pulmonary hypertension correlates with clinical outcomes in severe sepsis
Tyler Kaplan Paul  Camarata Neurosurgery Moyamoya Disease in Patients with Down Syndrome
Cara Katzer Dianne  Durham ENT Spontaneous Discharge of Auditory CNS in Rat Tinnitus Model
Clay King Mark Cohen Cancer Evaluation of the efficacy and toxicity of novel HSP90 C-terminal inhibitors (KU-457 and KU-58) on the inhibition of growth of MDA-MB231 triple negative breast cancer cells
Taylor Kinney Beth Levant Pharm/Tox Examine the effects and interactions of dietary n-3 PUFAs and acutely administered DHA in an animal model of pediatric TBI to determine whether either might have potential benefits in humans
Mark Koehn Kirk Miller Radiology Assess the effectiveness of the newly implemented KUMC standard imaging policy to decrease radiation exposure levels in patients undergoing CT scans
Hallie Kretsinger Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy Cardiology Does poket revision reduce the rate of infection and hematoma in patients undergoing maintenance, revision, or replacement of their pacemaker of ICD?
Kirill Lipatov Loren Berenbom Cardiology Electrophysiology: Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator and Pacemaker Lead Extraction Database
Isaiah Logan Ajay Nangia Urology Public interest in a non-steroidal male oral contraceptive pill: an exploratory survey
Zachary Macchi Richard Barohn Neurology A Multi-Center Screening Trial of Safety and Efficacy of Rasagiline in Subjects with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Nathan Mendoza Hartmut Jaeschke Pharm Tox Estabhishing a Human Model for Bile Acid Effects on Hepatocytes
Daniel Mettman Merlin Butler Psychiatry Using array comparative genomic hybidization and advance bioinformatics to analyze the deletions, duplications, and SNPs of DNA to contribute to the understanding of the genetic modifications of individuals with PWS and correlate with the clinical phenotype
Whitney Michaels Fariba Behbod Pathology The use of in vivo DCIS model to study the molecular mechanisms responsibel for the progression of DCIS to IDC
Philip Montgomery Kelli Valdez Pathology  
Joseph Moore Mark Redick Radiology Positive Predictive Valve of Breast MRI and Impact on Clinical Decision Making Regarding Surgical and Chemotherapeutic Management of Breast Cancer Patients
David Murphy Kirk Miller Radiology Evaluate and assess the effect of newly implemented procedures designed to reduce the amount of radiation exposure
Taylor Myers Buddhadeb Dawn Cardiology Improvement of Left Ventricle Diastolic Function after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
Rachel Myers Julie Wei ENT Pediatric Recurrent Croup and Relationship with Dietary Habits
Reginald Nguyen Heather Anderson Neurology Alzheimer's disease in adult patients with Down Syndrome
Michael O'Bryan Paul Arnold Neurosurgery Retrospective reviews of prospectively collected series of patients suffering traumatic unstable upper thoracic spine fractures
Monica O'Hanlon Dhaval Bhavsar Plastic Surgery and Burns Management of End of Life Issues in Major Burn Injury Patients
James Odum John Stanford Physiology Develop a unilateral rat model by optimizing the cortical lesion protocol as it affects tongue motility and tongue force
Michael Perry Buddhadeb Dawn Cardiology Evaluation of diastolic function in patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and combined chemoradiotherapy for lymphomas and breast cancer
Trang  Pham Ossama Tawfik  Surg Path A Study to Evaluate the Potential Impact of Telecytology of Cell block Preparations from Pap Smears on Improving Efficiency
Clare Prohaska Joseph Tash Physiology Effects of a weightless environment on the female estrous cycles in adult C57B1/6J female mice
Rachel Quaney Mark Cohen Cancer Symptomatic hypocalcemia correlates with final intraoperative parathyroid hormone levels in patients with hyperparathyroidism having multi-gland disease
Peter Reisz Randolph Nudo Neuroscience Syndrome of the Trephined: Development of a Novel Animal Model to Study Pathophysiologic Changes in Mice
Daniel Rhoades Terence McIff Orthopedics Effect of Vancomycin on Inhibition of In vitro Growth of Osteosarcoma Cells
Marc Roth Andrew Godwin Cancer Deciphering the specific markers expressed in non-small cell lung cancer-derived exosomes
Omar Samarah Shelby Fishback Radiology Building an educational tool that instructs faculty, residents, and medical students to use the data from a case to author a teaching file within the RSNA Teaching File System (TFS)
Tarek Shaath Ossama Tawfik
Kim Templeton
Surg Path The MDM2-MTBP axis in cancer metastasis
Daniel Sisk Terence McIff Orthopedics Shoulder Instability as it Relates to Glenoid Labral and Capsular Properties
Guerin Smith Brian Andrews Plastic Surgery  
Jennifer Strande Cary Savage Neuroscience Differences between healthy weight and obese individuals in African American females
Kelly Stumpff Brian Andrews Plastic Surgery Next-generation exome sequencing of patient-parent-triads
Lilly Varner Kapil Bhalla Cancer Mechanism of action of auranofin on patient-derived CLL cells before and on treatment with auranofin
Devdutta Warhadpande Dhaval Bhavsar Plastic Surgery and Burns Test the functional recovery and degree of scarring in patients who suffered full-thickness burns on their hand and upper extremity treated with Integra
John Weitlich Terence McIff Orthopedics Effect of an Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor and an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Delivered by Nebulizer on Lung Pathology after Triolein-Induced Fat Embolism in the Rat
Kyle Werth Kirk Miller Radiology Determine the rate of contrast-induced nephropathy before and after newly implemented KUH guidelines
Keegan Zuk Hao Zhu Biochemistry Generation and Initial Characterization of a Novel Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease
Bradley Chapman Peter Van Veldhuizen Cancer Circulating microRNA profile in prostate cancer

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