M1 Summer Elective Information

(Class of 2018 only)

It is your responsibility to make sure that you complete the summer enrollment form on or before Wednesday, April 1, 2015 so that enrollment and/or financial aid are completed in a timely manner. The completed form should be submitted electronically by this deadline in order to receive any applicable academic elective credit. The completed form must contain a written description of the educational experience, the reason for proposing such a program and written indication of faculty or supervisory personnel of their willingness to evaluate the student's performance. Please note that you must complete an enrollment form for each course in which you are requesting to be enrolled.

Do not complete the enrollment form until you have been accepted/approved for enrollment, i.e. have been notified by the course director that you have been accepted to participate or have had your research or clinical education proposal approved. You must be in good academic standing (2.0 OGPA for Research or Clinical Education electives); 2.5 OGPA for Community Health Project or Medical Education electives; or, as established by the individual program/elective director. A petition for a waiver of this requirement can be submitted to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Students who must repeat a course during the summer will not be allowed to enroll in a summer elective unless they have successfully completed the course and received permission to enroll in an elective from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Elective credit will be accrued at the rate of two credits for four weeks or four credits for eight weeks. The maximum number of elective credits hours you can obtain over the summer between your first and second year of medical school is four.

Financial Aid is available for students who are enrolled for the Summer 2015 session.
Information and the application form

Summer Elective Opportunities Information (presented at December 1, 2014 Summer Electives session)

Important: When completing the enrollment form, be sure to include the correct course number for the experience.

For information on specific Wichita summer elective opportunities, contact Dr. John Dorsch at jdorsch@kumc.edu and Dr. Kari Clouse at kclouse@kumc.edu or at 316-293-2607.


Last modified: Aug 04, 2015