M1 Orientation

M1 Orientation

M1 Orientation Schedule -KC Schedule- Final
*Attire is listed under each day's heading on the schedule
**If you do not see yourself on a list, please email Lauren Parker at lparker2@kumc.edu. Some lists may be sorted differently due to internal use, so if you don't see it in alphabetical order at first, search the entire list.

Days to bring your computer: Monday and Tuesday

KC student Locker Assignments - Class of 2018 KC student Locker Assignments
*During orientation you can keep your computer in your locker if you do not want to haul it home each day. You will need to bring your own lock.

Kansas City Histopathology Groups:  The list details which room you will be in and at what time you need to be there on Wednesday, July 23rd. We'll have the list at Orientation, but things will flow more smoothly if you look at the list ahead of time. Please note: Histopathology groups are several Professional Small Groups and PBL Groups combined. Also, during the school year, your Histopathology times will be, Groups 1-10 at 1:00pm and Groups 11-20 at 3:00pm, which are different times than orientation week.
KC Orientation Histopathology Groups

Professionalism Small Group -July 25th (Kansas City, Salina and Wichita Students) This list entails your group number and what room your group will be in on Friday, July 25th at 10:30. Kansas City Students, you will check-in at your assigned room. Salina Students, one of our KC Students will be escorting you to your assigned rooms. Lucy Kollhoff and Dr. Cathcart-Rake will be taking you to the bookstore, and the student will pick you up there. Wichita students, you're to meet in Murphy Lobby, where a student will escort you to your assigned rooms as well. Professionalism Small Group Assignments

Academic Society Assignments -KC Students  The Medical Alumni Academic Societies are the core basis to Academic Advising for the School of Medicine. An overview of the Academic Societies will be given at Orientation. You'll be introduced to your fellow society members at several events during Orientation. Please view which society you are in, so you know which Society you are in when we dismiss for the Society Luncheons on Monday. Academic Society Assignments-KC Students

KC M1 Community Service Day On, Thursday, July 24th, as part of your orientation week, all of the first year medical students will go out into Wyandotte County and work with community members on community service projects.  In order to get this organized we ask that you visit the following link to rank the possible opportunities available to you on that day.

White Coat Ceremony (Kansas City, Salina and Wichita):

An electronic invitation to the White Coat Ceremony will be sent to your KUMC email account in a few weeks. Please remember to forward the invitation to those you wish to invite to the ceremony. The ceremony will be at 2:00pm on Friday, July 25, at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, 600 N. 7th Street Trafficway, Kansas City, KS. To access the White Coat Ceremony webpage, click here. http://www.kumc.edu/school-of-medicine/education/white-coat-ceremony.html

*Provide your coat size at MEDS online (https://www2.kumc.edu/som/meds). Log into MEDS Online by using the same user name (FirstnameLastname) and password (AAMC ID) you used to access the KU supplemental application and to track your application status throughout this last year. Click the "Enter Pre-Matric" button to enter the section for accepted KU students. On the page that opens, read about white coats and provide your size no later than June 11.

If you wish , before you submit your coat size, you may stop at one of the KUMC bookstores (Kansas City or Wichita campuses) to try on white coats. If you provide your coat size before visiting the bookstore, be certain to stop there on one of your other trips to campus. Kansas City bookstore hours are 9:00am-5:00pm Monday - Friday and 9:00am-1:00pm on Saturday. Wichita bookstore hours are 9:00am-5:00pm on Monday and 9:00am-5:30pm Tuesday-Friday. If you determine a change in size is needed, call 913.588.5283 as soon as possible, so the correct size can be ordered.

Please note this policy change: Beginning with the Class of 2018, students will be coated only by academic society directors at the White Coat Ceremony, as well as, only be hooded at the Hooding Ceremony by either the Executive Dean of the School of Medicine, the Dean of the Wichita Campus or the Dean of the Salina Campus.

Student ID Badges:

KC Students and KC students that will be transferring to Wichita for Phase II- Kansas City students you will have your picture made in the HR office on the Kansas City Campus. You can do this preferably before M1 Orientation or at different designated times during the Orientation Week.  If you have your picture made before orientation, it will be at the check-in table for you during Orientation. If you get your picture taken during orientation, your badge will be eligible for pick up during orientation week or the following week. The ID Badge is MANDATORY, as that will be your access pass to campus buildings.The KC Campus HR office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm in 1044 Delp. However, they stop taking photos at 4:00pm. You can find the Delp building using the Campus Map.

*If you're transferring to Wichita for Phase II, you will not worry about getting that Wichita ID until a couple years down the road.

Wichita Students- You will receive information from Karen Drake, Melanie Runge or Heather Morrison regarding your ID information.

Salina Students-Salina students you will have your picture made on the first day of orientation at the Salina Campus. On Friday of Orientation, you will have your ID ready for pick-up when you check-in with the KC Crew. (This will be on the Kansas City campus.)

Parking for KC students and for all during White Coat Ceremony: During orientation you can utilize the off-street parking around the university or the Olathe Parking Facility II. The hospital does have a parking garage, but there is an hourly rate. If you live close to campus, we strongly suggest walking.

Student Holds: Please be sure to Log-in to Enroll & Pay and make sure you do not have any of the following holds. Having holds on your account can delay your enrollment, which would also delay your Financial Aid Reimbursement.

Hold Indicator Description
ACA Academic Standing Hold
CTK Compliance Training Hold-KUMC
EDW Endowment Hold
K KUMC Student Accounting K
NPY Past Due Balance
PKL Parking Hold-KULC (Lawrence Campus Parking Hold)
SHI Student Health Insurance Hold-KUMC
SHK Student Health Hold-KUMC
TBK Tuberculosis Hold-KUMC


Campus Map: http://www.kumc.edu/about-us/kumc-campus-map.html

As details are finalized, more information will be posted.

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