Requirements for Promotion and Graduation with Granting of the M.D. Degree

  1. Promotion ­ A student who has satisfactorily completed Phase I, taken Step 1 of the USMLE (pending receipt of a passing score), and is otherwise in Good Standing shall be recommended for Promotion to the clinical component of the curriculum. A student who does not meet these requirements will be reviewed by the APC on a case­by­case basis.
  2. Graduation ­ The M. D. degree will be conferred by The University of Kansas upon persons who have complied with the following requirements:
    1. satisfactory grades in all required modules and clerkships; AND
    2. satisfactory grades in at least sixteen (16) weeks of electives, including at least twelve (12) weeks of clinical electives; AND
    3. a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 or higher; AND
    4. passing scores on Step 1, Step 2 Clinical Knowledge and Step 2 Clinical Skills of the USMLE; AND
    5. satisfactory professional behavior.
  3. Endorsement and Responsibility of Faculty In granting the Doctor of Medicine degree:   The Faculty of The University of Kansas School of Medicine endorses the student as having acquired the knowledge and skills appropriate for entry into postgraduate medical training and as having demonstrated appropriate professional and personal conduct. It, therefore, becomes the responsibility of the Faculty to establish the standards of academic accomplishment and professional conduct that a student must attain to receive the M.D.  degree.  The  Faculty  also  has  the  responsibility  of  establishing  the competencies  required  by the School  of  Medicine  and  to assist  each  student  in  recognizing  and correcting deficiencies before the M.D. degree can be granted.
  4. Time Permitted to Meet Requirements: All of the requirements in “B” must be met within six (6) years of the date of first enrollment unless the APC grants an extension. A student with an outstanding Incomplete or un-rectified Unsatisfactory grade on her/his transcript will not be allowed to graduate  from  the  School  of  Medicine  after  the  six  year  period  has  expired  without  the  explicit permission of the APC.

Last modified: Aug 13, 2012