Required Modules, Clerkships, and Elective Distributions

Required modules, clerkships, and elective distributions are listed below:

PHASE ONE ­ Basic Science and Introductory Clinical Component


Fall Semester:
CORE 800 ­ Foundations of Medicine (8 weeks/credit hours)
CORE 805 ­ Genetics and Neoplasia (4 weeks/credit hours)
CORE 810 ­ Inflammation and Immunity (4 weeks/credit hours)
CORE 814 – Cardiopulmonary System I (0 credit hours)

Spring Semester:
CORE 815 ­ Cardiopulmonary System (8 weeks/credit hours)
CORE 825 ­ Renal and Endocrine System (4 weeks/credit hours)
CORE 820 ­ Gastrointestinal System and Nutrition (4 weeks/credit hours)
CORE 830 ­ Sexuality and Reproductive Medicine (4 weeks/credit hours)


Fall Semester:
CORE 835 ­ Musculoskeletal and Soft Tissue (4 weeks/credit hours)
CORE 840 ­ Brain, Mind, and Behavior (8 weeks/credit hours)
CORE 850 ­ Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (6 weeks/credit hours)

Spring Semester:
CORE 845 ­ Blood and Lymphoid System (4 weeks/credit hours)
CORE 860 ­ Integration and Consolidation (7 weeks/credit hours)

PHASE TWO – Clinical Component
(Kansas City, Salina and Wichita Clinical Campuses)

YEAR THREE ­ Basic Clinical Experiences

FAPR 955(K and S), FCMD 950(W) ­ Family Practice (8 weeks/credit hours)
MED 900(K and S), INMD 975(W) ­ Internal Medicine (8 weeks/credit hours)
SURG 900(K and S), SGRY 975(W) ­ General Surgery (8 weeks/credit hours)
GYNO 900(K and S), OBGN 975(W) ­ Gynecology/Obstetrics (6 weeks/credit hours)
PEDS 900(K and S), PDRC 975(W) ­ Pediatrics (6 weeks/credit hours)
GERO 900(K and S), GERI 950(W) – Geriatrics (4 weeks/credit hours)
NEUR 900(K and S), NROL 950(W) – Neurology (4 weeks/credit hours)
PYCH 955(K and S), PSCR 950(W) ­ Psychiatry (4 weeks/credit hours)
ICM 900(K and S), ICM 975(W) ­ Issues in Clinical Medicine (0 credit hours)

YEAR FOUR ­ Advanced Clinical Experiences

Population Health in Practice* (4 weeks/credit hours)

Critical Care* (4 weeks/credit hours) ­ Student selects one:

Anesthesia (KC only)
Burn Center
Cardiothoracic Surgery (KC only)
Coronary Care ICU (KC only)
Medicine/Pulmonary ICU
Neurosurgical ICU (KC only)
Pediatrics/Neonatal ICU
Surgery ICU (KC only)
Trauma Surgery (Wichita only)

Rural Preceptorship* ** (4 weeks/credit hours) – Student selects one:

Family Medicine
Internal Medicine

Subinternship* (4 weeks/credit hours) – Student selects one:

Internal Medicine
General Surgery
Neurosurgery (KC only)
Urological Surgery (KC only)
Family Medicine
Otolaryngology (KC only)

ELECTIVES: 16 credits. No more than 4 credits may be granted from electives provided by Basic Science Departments. No more than 8 credits can be earned at another LCME accredited medical school (electives at hospitals in the KC metro area and the International experiences are not included in this rule.)

*Required experiences

**The Kansas Rural Preceptor Program gives each student a valuable one­month opportunity to practice medicine in a rural community while working alongside volunteer physician faculty.

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