Grading and Records

  1. A student must register each semester at the prescribed time outlined in the curriculum, unless otherwise authorized in writing by the ADSA of the School of Medicine.
  2. Grading shall be the responsibility of the faculty teaching the module or clerkship.
  3. A student must achieve a passing grade in each module, clerkship or elective taken for credit toward the achievement of the M.D. degree. However, passing grades in individual modules and clerkships do not guarantee that the student's performance, viewed as a whole, will meet requirements for awarding the degree. A student's performance will be recorded as:

    Superior (SU) ­work of marked excellence, indicating high honor
    High Satisfactory (HS) ­work of much more than average quality Satisfactory
    (SA) ­work of average quality

    Unsatisfactory (U) ­work of less than acceptable quality
    Incomplete (I) ­work required has not been completed at the conclusion of the module or clerkship. The student is otherwise passing the course but a final satisfactory grade cannot be awarded without satisfactory completion of the missing work. The module\clerkship director is willing to await the completion of the remaining work by a defined date before assigning the final evaluation.

  4. The student's final summative assessment will be completed and will take into consideration knowledge of subject matter, professional behavior, and skills attainment.
  5. Grades will be submitted within six weeks after the end of a module or clerkship and the grades will be available to individual students as soon thereafter as possible. The Registrar maintains the official transcript.

    The following numerical values are used in calculating a student's Grade Point Average:
    Superior (SU) ­4 points
    High Satisfactory (HS) ­3 points
    Satisfactory (SA) ­2 points
    Unsatisfactory (U) -0 point
    Grades of W (Withdraw), I (Incomplete), P (Passing), Credit, and No Credit are not averaged into the Grade Point Average.

    A semester Grade Point Average will be calculated at the end of each semester. A cumulative Grade Point Average will be calculated based on all completed coursework.
  6. Associate Dean for Student Affairs will inform the Special Programs/Student Promotions
    Subcommittee of Unsatisfactory grades, and semester or cumulative Grade Point Averages below
  7. A grade of Incomplete shall be completed within one year from the last day of classes in the semester in which the grade was given. If this does not occur and unless the module director or clinical department chairperson requests an extension in writing to the Registrar, the Incomplete shall be changed to an Unsatisfactory grade.
  8. All Unsatisfactory grades shall remain a part of the permanent record, whether or not they have been rectified.
  9. A grade of Unsatisfactory (U) shall be rectified by additional study, retaking the final examination, or retaking the entire module or clerkship at The University of Kansas School of Medicine.
  10. An academic folder for each student shall be kept in the Office of Student Affairs. The folder shall include MCAT scores, grades and comments from the medical faculty, and the Medical School Performance Evaluation written by the ADSA.

Last modified: Aug 13, 2012