Dismissal for Failure to Abide by the Academic Standards

A student who has failed to abide by the academic standards of The University of Kansas School of Medicine may be subject to Dismissal upon recommendation of the Student Promotions/Special Programs Subcommittee to the APC. Such a recommendation for Dismissal may occur for one or more (but are not limited to) of the following reasons:

  1. Receipt of Unsatisfactory grades, rectified or not, in (1) 12 credit hours OR (2) two clerkships or clinical electives; OR (3) the same module or clerkship twice.
  2. Maintenance of a cumulative Grade Point Average less than 2.0 for four (4) consecutive semesters.
  3. Failure to comply with an APC recommendation for remedial experience.
  4. Unexcused failure to enroll.
  5. Failure to complete requirements for graduation within the stipulated time permitted (see Section 3.D).
  6. Unprofessional behavior

A student recommended for Dismissal shall be notified in writing and shall have an opportunity to appear personally before the APC prior to a decision by the APC and transmission of that decision to the Executive Dean.

Last modified: Nov 06, 2014