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Criteria for Good Standing

As a student proceeds through the medical curriculum, progress is monitored at the completion of each semester by the Student Promotions/Special Program Subcommittee of the Academic and Professionalism Committee (APC). Recommendations regarding academic standing are made to the APC and are then forwarded to the Executive Dean. A student will be placed in one of the following categories:

A. Good Standing ­ A student is in Good Standing if she/he has:

  1. Maintained a passing grade in all blocks or clerkships; AND
  2. passed the appropriate end of year OSCEs or CSA; AND
  3. passed the appropriate step of the USMLE (when applicable); AND
  4. maintained acceptable acadmeic and professional behavior and ethical standards.

B. Academic Remediation ­ A student will be placed in academic remediation if she/he has:

  1. failed a block or clerkship; OR
  2. failed the appropriate end of year OSCE or CSA; OR
  3. failed to pass the appropriate step of the USMLE; OR
  4. unacceptable professional behavior or violation of teh honor code. 

Academic remediation requires that the student's entire academic record and other relevant information be reviewed by the APC.  A decision to permit continuation in the curriculum, to recommend remedial experiences, or for a motion for dismissal will be made by the APC.

All academic remediation will be coordinated by the ADSA.  Identification of the student’s barriers to success may include but are not limited to psychological and medical evaluations, and/or consultations with learning specialists.  The ADSA will monitor student compliance with remediation recommendations.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018