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Academic and Professional Behavior and Ethical Standards

  1. A student will present only her/ his own work as a required element of a module or clerkship, unless group work is explicitly permitted by the faculty.
  2. A student will give, receive, or utilize only such assistance that has been authorized by the faculty in connection with any examination, written work submitted for credit, or work submitted or performed as a required element of a course or clerkship.
  3. A student will provide only truthful information to another person about any academic or clinical matter.
  4. A student will cooperate with other students while engaged in academic and clinical activities, so that no other student’s academic performance is obstructed.
  5. A student will act responsibly when engaged in activities directly connected with patient care and academic activities.
  6. A student will protect the confidentiality of a patient and disclose information about a patient only to a person who is, at the time of disclosure, a member of the patient's health care team or as part of a faculty approved educational activity.
  7. A student will honestly present material information pertaining to her/ his class rank, Grade Point Average or any other academic achievement or endeavor.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018