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Breakfast photos

Wahl and Delp Advising Breakfasts

Meet your advisor at the meeting and complete your required advising session over breakfast!

Delp - Tuesday, Dec. 4 @7am, Stoland Lounge (outside Rieke Auditorium) 
Wahl - Thursday, December 6 @7am, Stoland Lounge (outside Rieke Auditorium) 

Contact your advisor to arrange your session! Advisees and Advisors each should sign up if they plan to attend.

Wescoe students at JayDoc Night

Wescoe JayDoc Night
By Wescoe Society Student Leader Sarah Dickes 

On Monday, October 22, medical students and faculty members of Wescoe Academic Society participated in a night at the JayDoc FreeClinic, a completely free, student-run clinic that provides urgent and primary care services to the uninsured and under-insured patients in the Kansas City area.  Medical student pairs are responsible for obtaining both vital signs and the patient's history, and then subsequently present the case to the attending physician...

Read more on the Wescoe Society page. Published 11/16/12.

No-Shave November Begins!

Twenty-eight men signed up to participate in No-Shave November to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Each will earn three points for their society pending completion of the month. Check the No-Shave November page to see who is competing and check back at the end of the month to vote for best facial hair and earn another point per vote!

Murphy and Major Join Forces to Discuss ACA

By Murphy Society Student Leader Becca Hamel

On October 25, Murphy Society joined forces with Major Society to host a lunch meeting entitled "How the Affordable Health Care Act will Affect Me" presented by Suzanne Schrandt from the Kansas Health Institute in Topeka, KS... Suzanne was able to break down the current status of how Kansans pay for their healthcare and how the ACA would impact these patients. As of 2011, 50% of Kansans are covered with insurance from their employer, about 30% receive public program coverage (Medicaid, Medicare) and 13% of Kansans are uninsured.  Additionally, the need for primary care physicians was discussed in reviewing that 21% of the population of Kansas lives in a Health Professional Shortage Area... 

Read more on the Murphy Society page. Published 11/1/2012.

Major Murphy ACA lunch meeting horizontal collage 

Delp Does Diabetes; Delp Society JayDoc Night
By Delp Society Student Leader Trang Pham 

Delp Society had a great turnout for Diabetes night at the Jaydoc Community Clinic. We want to thank our fabulous Delp faculty and enthusiastic student volunteers for joining us. With teamwork and a lot of patience (AND  patients, hah), we had a great experience learning about Diabetes from each other, our Delp doctors, and of course our patients. Published 10/31/12.


Delp Diabetes Night @ JayDoc

Murphy Society Scrub Sale

By Murphy Society Student Leaders Rebecca Hamel and Sydnei Tolefree 

Murphy Scrubs photo

It's that time again, we are now taking orders for Murphy society scrubs. Unisex, ScrubZone brand tops and bottoms, in Ceil blue with the Murphy logo will be $8 each. Attached is a picture of the scrubs from last year. Feel free to go to the bookstore and try some on beforehand, they do offer tall sizes. Deadline to order is Friday, November 9.  

Published 10/30/12. Go the Murphy Society page to order and get more information.


No-Shave November Contest and the Society CupExemplary facial hair
Brought to you by Wahl and Major Societies

Sign up to participate in the No-Shave November Contest and earn points for your Society towards the Cup! Participants earn 3 points for their Society. At the end of the month,all Society members can vote on their favorite facial hair and earn 1 point per vote.

Contest starts Thursday, November 1! Sign up now! 

Delp Society Discusses What the ACA Means to Med Students 

By Delp Society Student Leader Mallory McGinnis  

The Delp leadership asked Dr. Mary Zimmerman from the Department of Health Policy and Management to speak on the subject of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The topic was of particular interest to the student leadership because of the pertinence to our future as practicing physicians as well as trying to get correct information to the students and faculty.  

Published 10/25/12. Read more on the Delp Society page.

Night at the Nelson 
By Orr Society Student Leader Maggie Nielsen

 Orr Society Tour of the Nelson-AtkinsRecently, Orr society teamed up with Major society (cute-since we all spend so much time in Orr-Major) for a delightful socialevent involving stimulating fellowship at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  We had the privilege to be lead on an intimate "Medical Arts" tour by a number of knowledgeable museum guides. 

Exhibits included contemporary art interpretation, African masks and tribal beliefs, Egyptian mummification, renaissance statues, and much, much more.  Some exhibits provided direct insight and new knowledge regarding medical practices spanning throughout various time periods while others offered more abstract relationships that prodded a number of various interpretations and very wide-ranging appreciations. 

Read more on the Orr Society page. Published 10/17/12.

There's No Crying in Med School! Major Society tackles the role of feedback in medical education
By Major Society Student Leader Eric Gourley

In September, Major Society students and faculty gathered for lunch and to join in discussion with a panel of KUMC physicians and PhD's, titled: "There's No Crying in Med School! The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback in Medical Education." 
Read more on the Major Society page. Published 10/10/12.

Fall 2012: Wahl Society
By Wahl Society Student Leader Samuel Hund

Schrandt, Tran, and Opole at Wahl Lunch Meeting

Wahl Society welcomed in a class of 33 first year medical students for the 2012-13 school year. We are excited to continue providing fun and educational events and gatherings for the year ahead. We began the fall with our annual Welcome Back event where students and faculty from every society congregated to meet and socialize with one another. This was soon followed by our first lunch meeting of the year where Dr. Larry Long and Jen Dolson spoke about procrastination and study habits. Both events were very successful... Read more at the Wahl Society page. Published 10/9/12


International Experiences Talk with Wescoe 

By Wescoe Society Student Leader Anee Sophia Jackson

Wescoe international experiences speaker

For the latest lunch meeting (9/13), Wescoe Society welcomed a panel of physicians to talk about their experiences on international missions. As the first and second year students enjoyed their delicious Goodcents sandwiches and cookies, the panel composed of Drs. Kelly Kreisler, Jim Kindscher, Joseph LeMaster, and Steve Williamson shared stories and pictures about their travels around the world for various medical missions and how they continue their work back in Kansas City...

Read more at the Wescoe Society page. Published 10/1/12.

Grant Submitted for Spring Tri-Campus Event
By Sarah Schlachter

 In September the Academic Societies submitted a grant application to the University of Kansas Medical Center Auxiliary for assistance in funding a Spring 2013 event to bring together the three School of Medicine campuses. The Auxiliary's mission is to provide voluntary services and financial assistance to KUMC, the Hospital, the Student Union and for the benefit of patients, students, employees and staff. In creating a family-friendly end-of-year event, the Societies hopes to increase the sense of community among students, faculty, and their loved ones...

Read more on the Societies page

2012 Welcome Back Event 
By Wescoe Society Student Leader Michele Markey

The Welcome Back event was a great way for students from all academic societies to meet and socialize before studying once again consumed their lives. In Reike Auditorium, an informative and funny take on the new healthcare laws was given via telecom from Dr. Garold Minns, who was unable to attend in person this year. Everyone then moved over to the Hixson Atrium in Wahl Hall East for refreshments and conversation. Refreshments included a large spread of sandwiches, wraps, veggie trays, fruit trays, and cookies for dessert...

Read more on the Wescoe Society page

 New Member Faculty Dinner
By Jennifer Maciaszek Posted 8/21/2012

July is a wonderful time for Major Society, as it is the month we welcome brand new society members into our midst! The incoming M1 students were introduced 

Major Society members at event

to their society assignments during orientation week, and those lucky enough to be selected for the Ralph Major Society were invited to one of several faculty sponsored dinners.

This year, Drs. Jana Zaudke, Grace Shih and Tahira Zufer each opened their homes to Major Society faculty and students to welcome members, old and new, to a new academic year. At the suggestion of Kansas City native and Major society faculty member, Dr. James Birch, delicious Kansas City BBQ was catered by Jarvis L. Kemper, Sr.

Second year students were also present to discuss the purpose of KUMC's academic societies and answer questions from the incoming members. It was a joyous celebration of both new beginnings and grand traditions.

Pictured, from left to right: Hunter Wasserman, Adam Condra, Cordelia Staab, Jenny Bulcock, Dr. Jana Zaudke, Jack Campbell

A Letter to New Major Society Members
Dear New Major Society Members,

Major Society Pin

Congratulations to all of you for making it through orientation week! Today you will don your white coats and join your student colleagues on a journey unlike any other. Welcome!

After you receive your white coat you will be handed a pin officially welcoming you to Major Society. Take a minute to study it. The symbol of the book and stethoscope represents the high ideals Dr. Ralph Major sought to uphold throughout his life as a physician.

Not only did Dr. Major use his stethoscope to pursue healing, he dedicated himself to a life of learning and contributed greatly to his profession's body of knowledge. He believed in working hard to achieve excellence, both in himself and the institution we now call home. This he did with great humility and respect for his colleagues. His legacy calls upon each of us to do the same.

His words are also printed on the pin. May they serve as a reminder of the responsibilities that come along with our chosen path, outlined in the pledge you will recite today and in the Hippocratic Oath.

Have a wonderful white coat ceremony and a relaxing weekend, and best of luck to each of you as you begin classes on Monday. All of us in Major Society are proud to welcome you into our group. Here's to a great year! Here's to Ralph Major!


Your Colleagues in Major Society

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