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Advising Overview

The KU Medical Alumni Academic Societies provide the foundation for academic advising throughout a student's four years in medical school. Student and faculty members of the Societies are paired to establish advising relationships to help guide students through the rigors of Phase I, the transition to clinical medicine, selection of a specialty, and challenges of the interview and match process.

Advisor Assignments
Admitted students are asked to complete a basic survey of their medical interests and are assigned to a society. The society faculty director uses the survey information as much as possible to match the student to a society faculty member with similar interests who will serve as the student's advisor. Students and advisors are informed of their assignments in the beginning of the academic year.

Finding a Mentor
If a student develops a mentoring relationship with a faculty member other than their signed advisor, the student may indicate this to the Office of Student Affairs and designate this new mentor (as opposed to advisor) as their primary faculty contact. This mentoring relationship replaces the assigned advising relationship.  Students are still expected to meet with their mentor within the given time frames and to report/verify their meetings in the same fashion as well.

Required Meetings
In years 1-3 students are required to meet with their advisor or mentor twice per year; once in each semester. Students should initiate contact with the faculty member (advisor name and contact information is available on the specific Society "students" and "faculty" pages). In year 4, students have no required meetings, but are encouraged to seek out their advisors for assistance in the interview and match process.

Students who have found faculty mentors should meet with their mentor instead of their advisor.  They should advise the Office of Student Affairs of their mentor and verify occurrence of the required meetings through the same process. 

The successful completion of required meetings must be verified through a process similar to that used for precepting: students will secure the adviser's signature (electronically or otherwise) and upload the signature to JayDocs. The Office of Student Affairs will monitor uploads to ensure all meetings are completed. 

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018