Student Research

Premedical Orthopedic Research Fellowship

Research fellowship award granted to a premedical student interested in orthopedics and orthopedic research. Work is done in either the Biomechanics and Bioengineering Labs or the Harrington Molecular Biology Lab. Funding is through the Department of Orthopedic Surgery.

Andrew Hatfield, Undergraduate Summer Intern
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
Class of 2016

Current Projects: Andrew worked throughout the Orthopedic Research Center helping in any area he was needed in.

Andrew's faculty adviser is Dr. Terence McIff

Second-Year KU Medical Student Summer Research Training Program

Under this program, medical students spend the summer between their first and second year of medical school participating in research projects, while gaining hands on research experience. These projects are performed under the direction of and in collaboration with the orthopedic surgery faculty. Many medical students continue to participate in research throughout the year.

Michael Siscos

Michael Siscos, BS
Major: Exercise Science, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
Current Projects: Efficacy of heat labile antibiotic and antifungal elution from a novel Silorane based bone cement with no exothermic curing properties.

Michael's faculty advisor is Dr. Terence McIff.


Issac Talbert, BS
Major: Biology, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
Current Projects: Biomechanical testing and finite element modeling of intercarpal fixation using a 4tine staple.

Issac's faculty advisor is Dr. Terence McIff.


Dan Casey, BS
Major: Human Biology, University of Kansas, Lawrence,KS.
Current Projects: Kyphotic angulation of uppermost instrumented level in spinal fusions and its effect on adjacent level biomechanics.

Dan's faculty advisor is Dr. Terence McIff

Kate Lygrisse, BA
Major:Biology, University of Kansas, Lawrence KS
Lawrence, Kansas

Current Projects: The role of growth factors in proliferation of articular chondrocytes

Kate's faculty adviser is Dr. Jinxi Wang

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Research Fellows

As a department of the School of Medicine, we support and integrate the research of graduate students from several disciplines. We have recently collaborated in and supported the research of PhD and Master's level graduate engineering students emphasizing biomechanics and other bioengineering specifically related to orthopedics. We have also recently had a Postdoctoral Fellow with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering working in our labs.

Last modified: Feb 23, 2016