Next Steps - Procedure Scheduling

Pre-Op Screening and Physician Consultation
The first step is to conduct a thorough pre-op examination at our office. During this visit, you will undergo many tests in order for the physician to determine whether you are a good candidate for LASIK or other vision correction procedures. We will ask you many questions regarding your visual and medical history. We will also take measurements of the thickness of your cornea (pachymetry) and of the shape, or curvature, of your cornea (corneal topography). The physician will obtain the best measurement of your prescription (refraction) and will carefully check the medical status of your eyes. Your eyes will be dilated for the last portion of the exam. We will request that you be out of your soft contacts for AT LEAST THREE DAYS prior to this examination (longer period necessary for hard lens wearers).                                       

At the completion of this evaluation, the physician will discuss your options with you. If you are a good candidate for one or more vision correction procedures, he will thoroughly discuss the risks, benefits, and alternatives of each.

KU Eye LASIK Suite Entrance

Scheduling Your Surgery
If your physician, John Sutphin, MD, determines you are a good candidate for laser vision correction, you will be scheduled for the procedure, typically to be completed on both eyes on the same day. These vision correction procedures are done in our LASIK Suite in the KU Eye Surgery & Laser Center, located on the second floor of KU Eye Center, 7400 State Line Road, Prairie Village, KS.

On-Going Care
Following your procedure, you will be seen for routine post-operative visits to ensure that your eyes are healing well and responding to the treatment as expected. The exact number and spacing of visits is dictated by the specific procedure you undergo. For LASIK/SBK, we typically see patients at 1 day, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months post-op.


These visits are covered by the global fee that is charged for your procedure. Of course, if you need to be seen more frequently than the routine schedule of post-op visits for any unanticipated events, there will be no additional charge for those visits.

If you would like to schedule a vision correction consultation or would like more information, please contact us via email or at 913-588-5466. 

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Last modified: Sep 18, 2017