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Since the Residency Program at the University of Kansas Department of Ophthalmology started in 1946, 146 Residents have graduated. A top priority and goal is to increase the numbers of residents in our program, which, as the Department continues to grow, is more and more attainable.  Ophthalmologists are very much needed, especially in the Midwest, so it is imperative we train more ophthalmologists to fill this need, as well as to replace those physicians who retire or relocate.  Without doing so, the accessibility and availability of quality vision care is jeopardized.  Of the 250 licensed ophthalmologists in the State of Kansas, 52 of those licenses are inactive and 12 of those with active licenses do not have Kansas as their current state of residence.  Currently, 44 of the ophthalmologists in the State of Kansas are KU Eye Alumni.  Click here for a map of where and how many of our graduates are located.


Last modified: Apr 10, 2015