Rural Medicine by the Numbers

Kansas wheat field
Photo by Michael Kennedy, M.D.

6 Kansas physicians throughout the state serving as medical education directors, helping to coordinate efforts to mentor, train and place medical students and physicians in Kansas practice.

13 Communities across Kansas — none larger than Hutchinson — where third-year medical students receive hands-on training from volunteer physicians.

76 First- and second-year medical students at the expanded campuses in Wichita and Salina.

91 of 105 Counties in Kansas served by a physician who trained at KU.

264 Active physicians across Kansas who teach fourth-year medical students during the students' month-long rural preceptorships.

202 Kansas physicians received funding through the Kansas Bridging Plan, a loan-forgiveness program offered since 1991 to primary care medical residents who agree to practice in rural Kansas.

4,117 Patients seen in Fiscal Year 2014 by KU Medical Center doctors via telemedicine, a technology that connects patient and provider when distance separates the two.

Last modified: Mar 18, 2015
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