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The Office of Rural Medical Education (ORME) became a division of the School of Medicine in January 2007. The Office of Rural Medical Education coordinates each campus' rural and outreach programs, which address the various medical education needs for rural Kansas and assists students during their four years of medical school. ORME is located in 3054 Robinson.

looking up at the sky through trees                                                                  Photo by Michael Kennedy, M.D.


Michael Kennedy, M.D., was named in 2005 as the inaugural recipient of the McCann Professorship in Rural Health Education. In this role, he serves as the Director of ORME and the Associate Dean for Rural Health Education. Contact him at mkennedy@kumc.edu.

Hannah Rachford, Administrator, joined ORME in June 2014, and is directly responsible for the KC and Salina campus' medical student education activities in rural settings across the state of Kansas. Contact her at hrachford@kumc.edu.

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Last modified: Dec 14, 2015