Phase II Curriculum: Year Three and Year Four

Year Three

In year three, students take required clerkships in core clinical disciplines: Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Surgery. Also in year 3, students take Issues in Clinical Medicine. During year four, students complete additional required clerkships and courses (Rural Preceptorship, Critical Care, Health of the Public, Subinternship) and electives. Credit hours for required courses, clerkships, and electives are listed below.

Clinical Component, Kansas City and Salina Campus (KC/S), Wichita Campus (W)

Student clerkship experiences take place in the hospital and clinic settings. Clerkships may take place in the University of Kansas Hospital and clinics or in affiliated hospitals and clinics, depending on departmental arrangements. Clerkships include rotation on the teaching services, teaching rounds, departmental case conferences, and weekly Grand Rounds.


FAPR 955 (KC/S) Clerkship in Family Medicine
GERO 900 (KC/S) Geriatrics
GYNO 900 (KC/S) Basic Gynecology-Obstetrics Clerkship
MED 900 (KC/S) Basic Medicine Clerkship
NEUR 900 (KC/S) Neurology
PED 900 (KC/S) General Pediatrics
PYCH 955 (KC/S) Psychiatry Clerkship
SURG 900 (KC/S) Junior Surgery Clerkship
ICM 900 (KC/S) Issues in Clinical Medicine


FCMD 950 (W) Family Practice
GERI 950 (W) Geriatrics
OBGN 975 (W) Obstetrics/Gynecology
INMD 975 (W) Basic Medicine Clerkship
NROL 950 (W) Neurology
PDRC 975 (W) Pediatrics
PSCR 950 (W) Psychiatry
SGRY 975 (W) Junior Surgery
ICM 975 (W) Issues in Clinical Medicine

Course and Clerkship Directors

Clerkship - Kansas City Campus
Clerkship Administrator
Clerkship Director(s)
Family Medicine Keisha Florez Dr. Hannah Maxfield
Geriatrics Angela Gosserand Drs. Dan Swagerty, James Birch
Internal Medicine Marcia Pressly Drs. Isaac Opole, Gary Doolittle, David Naylor, David Becker, Jennifer Fink
Neurology Paula Mengel Dr. Heather Anderson
Ob/Gyn Lorraine Helm Drs. John Calkins, Kimberly Swan
Pediatrics Morgan Stewart Dr. Mitzi Scotten
Psychiatry Lesley Leive Drs. William Gabrielli, Matthew Carey
Surgery Debra DeConink Drs. Chris Haller, John Alley
Issues in Clinical Medicine Benito Berardo Drs. Martha Montello, Mark Meyer


Clerkship - Salina Campus Clerkship Administrator Assistant Clerkship Director(s)
Family Medicine Lucy Kollhoff Drs. M. Chantel Long, Sara Johnston
Geriatrics Lucy Kollhoff Dr. C. Scott Owings
Internal Medicine Lucy Kollhoff Drs. Henry Reed, Jon Richards, Brian Pavey
Neurology Lucy Kollhoff Dr. Trent Davis
Ob/Gyn Lucy Kollhoff Dr. Chris Graber
Pediatrics Lucy Kollhoff Dr. Alisa Bridge
Psychiatry Lucy Kollhoff Drs. George Jerkovich, Veronica Amey
Surgery Lucy Kollhoff Drs. Chris Rupe, Mike Johnson
Issues In Clinical Medicine Lucy Kollhoff Dr. C. Scott Owings


Clerkship - Wichita Campus
Clerkship Administrator
Family Medicine Mary Hursey Drs. Scott Moser, Laura Mayans
Geriatrics Deb Dixon Drs. Melissa Gaines, Doug Woolley
Internal Medicine Jean Olsen Dr. Samuel Akidiva
Neurology Amanda Elmore Dr. Jon Schrage
Ob/Gyn Margaret Santos Dr. Michael Brown
Pediatrics Donnita Pelser Dr. Mark Harrison
Psychiatry Ronda Magness  Dr. Cheryl Wehler
Surgery Katie Flessner Dr. Therese Cusick
Issues in Clinical Medicine Karen Drake Dr. Garold Minns

Year Four

The fourth-year curriculum allows students to design a personalized course of study. The selectives enable students to make choices about their courses, but these choices must include a selection in the following specific areas of study: rural medicine, critical care, health of the public, and a subinternship.

FAPR 900 (KC) Preceptorship 4
Critical Care Selective 4
PMED 960 (KC) Population Health in Practice 4
Subinternship Selective 4
Electives 16
(At least 12 hours of electives must be clinical.)

RLMD 976 or RLMD 977 or RLMD 978 (W) Rural Medicine 4
Critical Care Selective 4
PVMD 975 (W) Population Health in Practice 4
Subinternship Selective 4
Electives 16
(At least 12 hours of electives must be clinical.)

Course requirements for the M.D. Degree - (Fourth Year = 32 weeks/8 months)

  • Population Health in Practice – PMED 960 - (4 wks) - only offered in January, February and April - Contact person: Leslie Sullivan, X8-2791
  • Rural Preceptorship - FAPR 900 - (4 wks) - Contact person: Debra Lea, X8-8221
  • Subinternship (4 wks) - Choose from: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Ob-Gyn, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery or Neurosurgery
  • Critical Care Selective (4 wks) - Choose from: Anesthesia, ICU Medicine, CCU Medicine, Neonatology, Pediatrics, Burn Center, Neurosurgery or ICU Surgery
  • Electives (16 wks): No more than 4 credits of non-clinical/patient care electives can be counted toward graduation credits. A minimum of 12 credits of electives must be clinical/patient care electives.

Click: Selecting Your Fourth Year Track and Fourth Year Requirements to access:

  • 4th year track selection
  • Sub I requirements and forms
  • Critical Care Requirements and forms
  • Elective requirements and forms
  • Special Program/Externship information
  • Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) application instructions and participation hospitals and schools

Below is a list of contacts by 4th year clerkship/course:

Clerkship - Kansas City
Population Health in Practice Leslie Sullivan Drs. Ed Ellerbeck, Eim Engelman, Christie Befort
Rural Preceptorship Debra Lea Dr. Michael Kennedy
Family Medicine Keisha Florez Dr. Hannah Maxfield
Internal Medicine Joy Bowens, Marcia Pressly Dr. Jeff Beasley
OB/GYN Lorraine Helm Dr. John Calkins
Otolaryngology Paula Cranmore Dr. Doug Girod
Pediatrics Debra Heisler Dr. Mitzi Scotten
Surgery Debra Deconink Drs. Chris Haller, John Alley
Clerkship - Wichita
Population Health in Practice

Matt Hotzell

Dr. Robert Badgett

Rural Preceptorship
-----Internal Medicine
-----Family Medicine

Jean Olsen
Deb Dixon
Donnita Pelser

Dr. Justin Moore 
Dr. John Dorsch
Dr. Mark Harrison
Family & Community Medicine Deb Dixon Dr. John Dorsch
Internal Medicine Jean Olsen Dr. Justin Moore
Pediatrics Donnita Pelser Dr. Mark Harrison
OB/GYN Margaret Santos Dr. Michael Brown
Surgery Ashley Vopat Dr. Therese Cusick
Psychiatry Ronda Magness Dr. Cheryl Wehler


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