Technology Guides and Tutorials

Below are resources that you may find helpful when using the various technologies required in the medical education program.

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Office 365

All medical students have a university Office 365 account which provides cloud storage and access to applications used in the School of Medicine.

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Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking application where you can aggregate text, images, and free-form writing.


Aperio Digital Images

Aperio is the ePathology tool for viewing digital images. Webscope provides an online capability without downloading any software. In most cases this is all you will need. ImageScope is optional and requires downloading a client app. It has some advanced features you may wish to use.

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Santesoft DICOM Image Viewer

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LearningSpace is the learning management system used by the Neis Clinical Skills Lab. The mission of the lab is to provide the highest quality clinical education to undergraduate medical students, in order to ensure that graduates of the University of Kansas School of Medicine are proficient in basic clinical skills.  Use Learning Space to schedule your lab time.

Cloud Storage

 Storage Options


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JayDocs (LCMS+)

JayDocs is a legacy Learning Content Management System (LCMS) for the KU School of Medicine. It is a curriculum management enterprise application designed specifically for healthcare education and is currently used by M2 and M3 students.

Last modified: Jul 17, 2016