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School of Medicine Class Pages

Office 365 Icon All students in the School of Medicine have KUMC accounts in Office 365. It provides a collection of web apps like OneDrive where you can store your files in the cloud. Other apps include Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Yammer and more. Office 365 also allows you to install Microsoft Office on personal devices. To access your Office 365 KUMC account, go to Depending on your location you may have to enter your email address which will identify the correct tenant you need to access. Once you are redirected to the KUMC central authentication systems (CAS), enter you KUMC credentials to access your account.
SharePoint Icon Beginning in 2015, new students in the School of Medicine will have access to course materials and class sites in a SharePoint library. Go to School of Medicine Sites Collection to access this shared resource.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018