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Students in class with personal devices.

The most recent curriculum redesign at the University of Kansas School of Medicine (KUSoM) also launched the most technology intensive methodology in the history of the school. All learning materials are accessible through web browsers or through access to network files made available to students (WebDrive).  Incoming students are given the option to bring the device(s) that will best serve their needs and learning styles. Students are strongly encouraged to use Windows based Microsoft OneNote or other note taking and organizational tools.

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Wireless Log

Wireless LAN IconPlease use this online log form to report any issues you are having using the wireless network on campus. The purpose of the log is to determine patterns in our wireless covereage. It will be open between January 19, 2015 to February 13, 2015.

Last modified: Jan 22, 2015
Need some help?

Mark Eaton is the program director for medical education technology.

Contact the Jayhawk Tech Clinics at 913-588-7995 or open an online ticket.

Wichita students should contact the Wichita Help Desk at 316-293-2605 or email Wichita IT.