A User's Guide to LearningSpace

LearningSpace is a planning, scheduling and communication program used at KUMC to assist students in learning clinical skills in our Neis Clinical Skills Lab. It is also a grading and assessment tool for faculty. Throughout your academic experience here, you will use LearningSpace to view video, sign-up for SP encounters in the Clinical Skills Lab, complete post-encounter notes or to possibly view grade reports and comments from faculty.

1) Logging in to LearningSpace

You may log in to LearningSpace from the link on JayDocs. You will find it on each module homepage in "Other Docs" under Clinical Skills. You always log in as a "Learner" and your password is set up to be the last four digits of your social security number.

2) Alternate ways to access LearningSpace

If you are using a laptop or computer off-campus, you will need to set-up VPN to have access via the secure network.  VPN information is available at http://www.kumc.edu/information-resources/remote-access-to-kumc-resources.html.  Then open browser and put in https://websp.kumc.edu

If you are on campus and inside KUMC firewall, just put https://websp.kumc.edu or go to JayDocs and locate the link.

If you have any questions on connectivity, contact the Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) at 913-588-7995.

3) Signing up for an SP event in the Skills Lab:

About three weeks before a standardized patient event in the Skills Lab, you will receive an email from LearningSpace indicating that the sign-up for the event is open.  This email will contain a link directly to your round selection page.  Click on the drop-down box and this will list all available sessions and indicate how many students can be assigned to each session.  Once you choose a session, you must click submit at the bottom of the screen, and this then becomes your selection for the event.

Before you choose a session, double check your academic calendar for any conflicts. Some of the sessions in the Skills Lab are scheduled at times when multiple events are occurring.

You will receive an email confirmation of your scheduled start time several days before the event.  Please make note of this time in your calendar as this will be the only reminder you will receive. (We'd even suggest that you save this e-mail until the event is over.)

Please note that this is your event start time, not the time to arrive to the Lab.  You are expected to arrive at the Lab 10 minutes before this time for a required orientation.  If you are not here when the orientation begins you will lose a point for this SP encounter.  

There are two ways to confirm or check your selection BEFORE an event scheduling deadline date

  • Click on the link found in the email and you will now see the time you selected in the round selection box.  If the time you wanted is not in that box, your selection did not register; or
  • Sign in to your home page on Learningspace (http://websp.kumc.edu) and select from the scheduling tools option for the event you are wishing to check.  At any time before the event scheduling deadline, you may also change this selection by using this link.  Once that deadline has passed, you will not be given access to change your session time.  

4) ADDITIONAL LearningSpace Tips:

The availability of information will be limited to specific times, as determined by your course faculty.  For example, if you    receive an email advising you that a video or report  is available to view for 30 days following an event,  on day 31 if you try to access it you will get a message that states that there are "no video/reports available."  The deadline will always be listed in the original email alerting you to the availability of the information.

LearningSpace allows us to attach documents to the correspondence we send.  Watch for any mentioned attachments.

You cannot reply to e-mails from LearningSpace.  Please contact the coordinator listed in the correspondence for a particular event as they will be able to answer your specific questions regarding that event.






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