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Neis Clinical Skills Lab Staff

Julie MackJulie Mack, Director

Julie Mack is the Director of the Standardized Patient Program and the Neis Clinical Skills Lab at the University of Kansas, School of Medicine. Julie holds a B.S. in Music Business from Quincy University and a M.S. in Recreation and Parks Administration/Arts Administration from Western Illinois University.

After a number of years working in Arts Administration in Kansas City, she became involved in the newly formed Standardized Patient Program here at KU in 1998 as a Standardized Patient. In 2005 Julie became a full-time Senior Coordinator for the program involved in all aspects of recruiting and training standardized patients and coordinating School of Medicine and School of Nursing SP programs.

Julie took over as Director in March of 2008 and is responsible for supervising the Neis Clinical Skills Lab Staff in providing close to 9,000 student/standardized patient encounters for medical and nursing students annually.

Pam Shaw

Pam Shaw, M.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Assistant Dean for Clinical Sciences

Dr. Pam Shaw obtained her medical degree from the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, KS. Dr. Shaw did her internship and residency in Pediatrics at the University of Kansas Medical Center. After completing her residency she entered private practice in a rural community in Southeast Kansas. Dr. Shaw is board certified in Pediatrics and is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Dr. Shaw returned to practice as an academic pediatrician at the University of Kansas in 1990.

Dr. Shaw has held several positions in the Department of Pediatrics where she is a Professor. In 2006, Dr. Shaw was appointed Curriculum Director for the Phase II years of the medical school, or the clinical years. In 2008, Dr. Shaw was appointed to her current position as Medical Director of the Neis Clinical Skills Lab in Kansas City, KS. In 2015 she was appointed the role of Assistant Dean of Clinical Sciences, which encompasses the clinical experiences across the curriculum. In 2017 she was also appointed Director of the Honors and Enrichment Program as part of the new ACE curriculum. 

David W. Becker, MD

David W. Becker, M.D., Medical Director of the Neis Clinical Skills Lab

Dr. David W. Becker is an Internist by training and a lifelong Jayhawk. Dr. Becker graduated with a BA in Biology in 2001 from the Lawrence campus, earned his M.D. from KUMC in 2005 and completed an Internal Medicine residency in 2008. Since training, he has stayed within the KU system as a hospitalist working beside students and residents in patient care duties.

In 2017, he was named Assistant Medical Director of the Neis Clinical Skills Lab and in 2019 he became Medical Director of the Neis Clinical Skills Lab. Dr. Becker helps coordinate faculty for student assessments, writes standardized patient cases and teaching outlines, and gives feedback to learners on performance. Dr. Becker's other duties include working as an Assistant Clerkship Director for the Internal Medicine third year clerkship and leadership on multiple School of Medicine committees.

David Naylor

David G. Naylor, M.D., Assistant to the Medical Director of the Neis Clinical Skills Lab

Dr. David G. Naylor is a General Internist that has spent his career teaching on Inpatient Internal Medicine rounds. Dr. Naylor enjoys educating others on the basics, including EKGs and clinical skills. Dr. Naylor's interest and accomplishments have led him to his current position with the Neis Clinical Skills Lab as Assistant to the Director of Medicine. Dr. Naylor loves the collaboration that occurs when working in a lab environment.

Suzy Austin

Suzy Austin, Program Manager

As Program Manager, Suzy is responsible for programming events that reflect curriculum based educational goals.  She recruits, hires and trains standardized patients, as well as manages SP programs targeted to learners from 1st year through residency as well as nursing programs.  Suzy joined KUMC in July 2005 and comes with an extensive background in developing and executing training programs for adult learners. She holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Psychology and Business from the University of South Carolina. Suzy is a member of the Association of Standardized Patient Educators and serves on the conference planning committee for 2018 and 2019.

Sam Butler

Sam Butler, Senior Coordinator & Standardized Patient Trainer

Sam has worked with the Standardized Patient Program since its inception in 1997. Originally, he performed roles as standardized patients, then served as a program monitor and ultimately become a SP trainer. Sam used his extensive background in feedback training to help develop guidelines for the SP's post encounter discussion. As a senior coordinator, he has contributed to the program by writing training protocol and trainer checklists. Recently, Sam worked with the physician preceptors to revise the Physical Examination Teaching Assistant (PETA) training guidelines by integrating aspects of the Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking.

Ralph Corse

Ralph Corse, Senior Coordinator 

Ralph Corse is a Senior Coordinator, and helps prepare training events for medical students at all levels. He coordinates the Basic Life Support Training program and is also involved with assisting the PETA (Physical Examination Teaching Assistant) schedules. He is skilled in technical aspects and helps trouble shoot video, camera, and computer related issues that may occur. Ralph graduated from Vatterott College with an Associate's Degree in Electronic Theory and has 15 years' experience in Electronic and IT quality control. He became an SP in 2010 and has worked with facilitating events, student orientation, as well as daily lab preparation.

Heather Rafferty

Heather Rafferty, Program Coordinator & Monitor

Heather started working with the Neis Clinical Skills Lab as a standardized patient in 2015. In 2018 she became a Program Coordinator and is currently responsible for preparing and monitoring the lab and its daily activities. This includes the setting up of exam rooms, management of the control room as well as flow of learners, standardized patients and timed encounters. Other duties include hiring standardized patients, hosting open orientations, and managing the labs social media accounts and NCSL webpage. Heather is also in charge of programming, coordinating and implementing multiple reoccuring M3 Clerkship programs and assists the Program Manager and Senior Coordinators with the planning and coordination of BLS classes and other M1, M2 and resident events. Heather graduated with a B.A. in Film & Media and is a member of the Association of Standardized Patient Educators.

Last modified: Oct 17, 2019