Directions to the Neis Clinical Skills Lab

These are the directions to both of the parking garages at KU Med where public parking is available:

KU Med Center is located at 39th and Rainbow Blvd. in Kansas City, KS.  39th and Rainbow is actually the northwest corner of the KU Med Center complex, and you should try to park in the Olathe II Patient and Visitor Parking Garage, which is on the south side of the Med Center complex.  If you are coming here on I-35 from either the north or south, take the 7th Street Trafficway exit off of I-35 (7th Street Trafficway is also called Rainbow).  Then turn south onto Rainbow.  Travel south past 39th street and Rainbow and go to Olathe Street (which is the 2nd traffic light south of 39th street). Turn left on Olathe Blvd. and the Olathe Parking Garages are on your right – go to the second garage (for patients and visitors) and park in there (the first garage is permit parking only).  Bring your parking ticket and we will validate it with a stamp.

Exit the Olathe parking garage near the ticket booth and walk north across Olathe Street and walk to the left about ½ block.  Enter the KU Med Center hospital complex under the sign that says Olathe Pavilion.  You will be entering the Med Center on the 1st floor and you will walk straight north down the corridor, until you come to a T-intersection in the corridor and then turn to the left and walk as far as you can down that corridor, and then turn to the right.  Walk straight north down that corridor and walk into and through the School of Nursing and you will walk up a ramp and enter the Neis Clinical Skills Lab. There is a hanging sign for the Neis Clinical Skills Lab at the start of the ramp.  All of this walking is done inside the Med Center complex. 

If the Olathe Parking Garage is full proceed east on Olathe until you come to Cambridge Street, turn left and park in the Cambridge Parking Garage (on your right).  This is the Med Center's main parking facility, and it is across the street from the main entrance to the hospital.  Walk across Cambridge and enter the Med Center complex (you will be on the ground floor).  Walk straight down the main corridor on the ground floor (you will be heading west - /walking toward Rainbow) past the cafeteria (on your left), and when you come to a T-intersection, turn left and then immediately turn right again.  Walk as far as you can go and then turn right and walk into the School of Nursing , take the spiral staircase one flight up  (which gets you up to the 1st floor) and then turn left and walk out of the School of Nursing and into the Neis Clinical Skills Lab

Do not back into or pull through a parking space in either garage.  You will get a $40 ticket!


Additional Directions to the KUMC Campus

Last modified: Feb 05, 2018