Health Careers Pathways Program, K-12 Programs

In partnership with Kansas City, Kansas Community College and Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

Programs are available to students of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools.KCKCC

Eligibility Requirements:                                                                                                                                                                                           

The following eligibility requirements are for the HCPP, K-12 Programs listed above:

  • Students will have a minimum of 2.8 - 3.0 GPA respectively on a 4.0 scale.
  • Students will be classified as the grade appropriate level at the time of the program and be enrolled from one of the participating Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools.
  • KCKPSStudents must evidence an economically disadvantaged background or be a student in an economically disadvantaged participating Kansas City, Kansas school.
  • Junior and Senior students must have completed two Science courses (Biology and Chemistry), one Math course in Algebra and/or Calculus and one English course or equivalent.
  • Students will need to write a personal statement or essay describing his / her career interest of choice.


Saturday Science and Math Academy

Academic, pro-social development (time management, team building, positive talk, relationship engagement through mentoring), cultural competency enrichment

  • 100 hour of integrated science, math and language arts instruction through applied learning
    Note: All Academy curriculum is district approved for math and science, middle and high school, Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. A multicultural staff reflects the student population of Kansas City, Kansas.
  • 10 hours of team building components developed to acquaint students with each other and staff, share personal culture, prepare students and staff to work together in small group research projects
  • Students are notified of college entrance exam registration dates, community science programs, multcultural events, tutoring opportunities, etc.
  • Qualified Saturday Science and Math Academy students are given the first pick acceptance into Summer Science Residential Academy on the University of Kansas, Lawrence campus.
  • Kansas City, Kansas Community College offers 3 full scholarships per year that includes tuition, books and fees for qualified Summer Science Academy students. 

 Saturday Science & Math Academy 2014   Saturday Science & Math Academy, Middle School Group 2014


Summer Science Residential Academy

Academic, medical internship, pro-social, cultural competency enrichment

  • 90 hours of integrated science, math, language arts instruction
    Note: All Academy instruction is approved for district standards in science and math, Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. A multicultural staff reflects the student population.
  • 40 hours of ACT college entrance exam preparation through Kaplan
  • 15 hours Multicultural Event Preparation and Presentation at KUMC
  • 20 hours of medical internships – KUMC, Swope Health Center, Northeast Animal Hospital
  • Poetry workshops and presentation at the Historic 18th and Vine American Jazz Museum, Blue Room

Total number of students served through SSA, 2003-2010: 158

Total number of potential high school graduates: 2003-2010: 158

Total number of SSA students to succeed in high school graduation: 2003-2010: 158

Total number of students entering college, 2003-2010: 151 students (64% STEM Majors)

Summer Science Academy 2014 Summer Science Academy 2014

For additional information, contact Ursula Carrillo at (913) 627-4351.

For technical assistance, contact Greg Fay at (913) 588-7347.

Last modified: Aug 09, 2016