Meet the DOCs!

Who are the DOCs?
The DOCs or Diversity Outreach Crew, serve as ambassadors have a passion for increasing diversity on campus and a strong desire to promote and represent the KUSoM in a variety of capacities.

What can the DOCs do for YOU?
Our student ambassadors serve as a front line in cultivating and influencing top individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to enroll at the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

Feel free to reach out to the DOCs with any questions you have about being a student at KUMC School of Medicine!

Name: Marcus Rushing
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Year in School:  graduated medical school 2015
Specialty area you are interested in and why? Internal Medicine because of the breadth of clinical knowledge required and the clinical diversity of patients seen.
If you could have lunch with anybody, past or present, who would it be? None other than the "Great Soul," Mohandas K. Gandhi.  He, like many others, showed us the change we could make when we combine an unending compassion with an indomitable will.
Why KUMC? Because KUMC emphasizes scientific advancement that serves the patient, not the other way around.

Name: Nadia Saina

Fussa, Japan
Year in School:  4th year medical student
Specialty area you are interested in and why? leaning towards Internal Medicine, but still undecided.
Favorite Movie and why? 13 Going on 30.  I like this movie because it's light-hearted, funny and a bit nostalgic. Jennifer Garner has great comedic timing and made the character "razzle."  
Why KUMC? I chose KUMC because I had heard good things about the system based curriculum, the location was convenient, the faculty and staff that I interacted with during the interviews were kind, interested in me as a person, and all the students talked about the collaborative spirit of their fellow students.


Last modified: Aug 09, 2016