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Online applications are now being accepted for the Summer 2013 Programs (view program and eligibility requirements):

The following programs are traditionally held in the summer for the students of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools: GCRC, Camp Path0logical, Summer Science Academy, and HSEI-I.

Applications must be submitted by March 25, 2013. A selection committee will review completed applications, transcripts, and essays. Students will receive notification no later than April 18, 2013.

Apply Now

Use the following User ID: OCED K-12 and  Password: OCEDK12

Note: Once you have saved your online application, you must use the following information below to either view or complete and submit your application:

UserID: First Name + Last Name (with no spaces)

Password: 2-digit Month + 2-digit Day of Birthdate + Last 4 digits of Social Security Number (for a total of 8 digits)

For example: UserID: JohnDoe (first name + last name)     Password: 01019876 (mmddssss)

For additional information regarding the Summer 2013 programs, contact Ursula Carrillo at (913) 627-4351.

For technical assistance, contact Greg Fay at (913) 588-7347.

Last modified: Feb 26, 2014