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The Office of Cultural Enhancement and Diversity at The University of Kansas Medical Center, School of Medicine has a variety of programs to provide opportunities for underrepresented or disadvantaged students and minority faculty. Some of the programs for students include professional development seminars; personal, academic and career counseling; and the administration of the programs of the Center of Excellence and Health Careers Pathways Program designed to prepare students for careers in the health professions. The office has formed a partnership with the University of Missouri – Kansas City to administer the Greater Kansas City Health Professions Pipeway Initiative, a bi-state endeavor to provide encouragement and opportunities to minority students in the Kansas City area interested in the health professions and other science-intensive careers.

Health Careers Pathways Programs (HCPP), K - 12 Programs

  • Saturday Science & Math Academy - Is held on Saturdays, October - May for 120 7th - 12th grade students at KCKCC. Students engage in academic enrichment through interactive learning labs, team building, pro-social development and cultural competency awareness.
  • Summer Science Residential Academy - Takes place in six weeks during the summer for 30 -50 students going into the 10th thru 12th grades at the KU Lawrence campus. Students participate in a variety of hands-on learning activities: observe research labs, review for the ACT, volunteer for community service activities, and complete medical internships.
  • Youth Leadership & Development Corps - Is held on Saturdays, from September to April, for 15-20 students going into the 11th and 12th grades at KCKCC. Youth leaders provide mentoring and team building development for the Academies, small-group facilitation, faculty support and more.
  • HCPP K-12 Resources

Academy Academy


Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) Programs

  • Family Genetics Nights - Are held select Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 15 high school students. These students work with KUMC and KCKCC Medical and Biology instructors to develop and moderate intergenerational learning stations dealing with public health issues in minority populations. All District #500 K - 12 students and families are invited.
  • Camp PathOlogical - Is held five weeks during the summer for 25 students going into the 10th - 12th grades at UMKC. A summer camp based on hands-on research and knowledge regarding clinical trials and barriers for underrepresented minorities in research.
  • General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) Interns - Is held for six weeks during the summer for 10 students in 12th grade and high-school graduates at KUMC. Students work on an active research team conducting clinical trials.
  • Multimedia Project - Are held on early-release Wednesdays for 25 students in the 9th - 12th grades at KCKCC. Students work with artist-based filmmakers and KCKCC Media Services to develop short films dealing with public health issues in minority populations.
  • Biomedical Research Interns - Occur on a flexible after-school schedule for 4 11th -12th grade students at KUMC. Students are engaged year-round with biomedical librarians in academic research.

Academy Academy


Health Careers Pathways Program (HCPP), College through 20 Programs

  • Health Science Enrichment Institute I - A six-week summer residency program at KU Lawrence for incoming college Freshman that teaches diagnostic testing, develops reading and communication, offers instruction in mathematics, biology, chemistry, and English. It improves test-taking strategies and improves note-taking, listening, and time management skills.
  • Health Science Enrichment Institute II - A six-week summer residency program at KU Lawrence for college Freshman and Sophomores that teaches critical thinking, organic chemistry, and physics. Offers a reading / writing laboratory that will assist students in enhancing reading comprehension and developing writing proficiency.
  • Pre-Admissions Program - A six-week summer residency program at KU Lawrence for college Juniors and Seniors that prepares students to take the MCAT course. Students attend a reading / writing laboratory, receive assistance in preparing the AMCAS application, participate in mock medical school interviews, and take part in clinical rotations.



Graduate and Doctoral Programs

  • Post-Baccalaureate Program (KU Online ID Required) - This 13-month conditional admissions program accepts promising medical school applicants who, through interviews, show potential but require additional preparation. A series of courses at KU Edwards campus helps students develop necessary skills. Upon successful completion of the program, students are admitted to medical school.
  • Pre-Matriculation Program (KU Online ID Required) - This six week invitation only program is for students who have been accepted to KUMC School of Medicine. It is designed to provide an overview of the Medical School Curriculum and to facilitate students’ transition into Year 1.
  1. Complete online application and submit it by April 4, 2014
    Log in to the Online Application with the following User ID / Password:
    User ID: OCED Program Application
    Password: OCED
    Click here to apply: 
    If you have any technical problems, please contact Mr. Greg Fay, 913-588-7347,
  2. Once you save Page 1 of the online application, log back in with your personal User ID and Password to access applications. Your personal User ID is created when you successfully save Page 1.
    User ID: First Name + Last Name with no spaces
    Password: Month + Day of your birth date (4 digits, like 0530) +
    Last Four Digits of your SSN (a total of 8 digits) 

    If you have questions regarding this program, please contact our office at 913-588-1237.
  • Post-Professional Program - The postdoctoral program promotes the recruitment, advancement and retention of minority faculty through programs designed to enhance their teaching, scholarship and research skills.

Other Programs

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