Center of Excellence for Diversity and Elimination of Health Disparities

The Center of Excellence (COE) is the home of “The Learning Center” and the Office of Academic Support.

The Learning Center is a facility where students have academic assistance and resources available to them.

Academic Assistance Programs include:

  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Small Study Groups
  • Tutoring

Resources include:

  • books in medical content areas;
  • learning cassettes and cd’s in content areas;
  • programs for reading improvement and speed reading;
  • assistance with writing personal statements and resumes.

The primary goal of the COE is to assist students in achieving academic success by providing academic support and assistance. The major function of the COE is to develop and coordinate comprehensive, educational and academic support matched to the specific needs of students.

Preparation for Medical Board Exams is key and critical to the academic success and progression of students. Academic counseling and resources in preparation for Step 1 and Step 2 USMLE Exams is available. The Executive Director for the COE collaborates with the Office of Student Affairs and the Counseling and Support Services to provide an onsite KUMC Board Preparation Program.

By providing appropriate intervention at various levels, we are committed to helping each student become well-prepared, culturally competent physicians.

Last modified: May 02, 2012