Salary and Benefits

The OB/GYN Residency Program at the University of Kansas Medical Center strives to support residents outside of the medical setting by offering competitve salaries, benefits, and development resources.

Salary for 2016 - 2017:

PGY 1 $52,098
PGY 2 $53,908
PGY 3 $55,707
PGY 4 $57,893


Professional Development Funds:

PGY 1 $600
PGY 2 $600
PGY 3 $600
PGY 4 $1,400
One-Time Technology Fund $500

Professional Fund to be used towards educational materials, such as textbooks, conference expenses, or board review guides/courses. The Technology Fund can be used once during the 4-year training period to acquire technology-related resources that will assist in learning and development.

Employment Benefits:

Residents will have access to group health insurance including medical (United Healthcare), dental (Delta Dental) and vision (Superior Vision).


Residents have three weeks of vacation per academic year. This time is not allowed to roll over if not used in a year. During the Christmas / New Year holiday, we use "block scheduling" which allows residents additional time with family and friends during one of these two periods. 

Other Benefits:

  • ACOG Junior Fellow membership
  • Parking
  • On-call meal reimbursement

Benefits may vary from year to year dependent upon changes in the University and as the Program discovers new opportunities for our residents.

Last modified: Jul 27, 2016