Our Staff

Laboratory Directors

Matthew Goering, Ph.D., HCLD
IVF Lab Director

Matthew Goering, Ph.D., HCLD, has 20 years of clinical experience in assisted reproductive technology and laboratory management. He is presently Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Embryology at the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine.  Dr. Goering has served as a consultant to numerous IVF programs both nationally and internationally, and is certified by the American Board of Bioanalysis in the disciplines of Embryology and Andrology. He received his undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry from Bethel College and his doctorate from the University Of Kansas School Of Medicine. He completed his research fellowship at the prestigious Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City. His graduate and post-doctoral research is focused on the molecular and genetic mechanisms of aneuploid gamete formation.

Kathy Roby, Ph.D

Andrology and Endocrinology Lab Director

Kathy Roby, Ph.D, has been the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine's Andrology and Endocrinology Lab Director for the Center of Advanced Reproductive Medicine for over a decade.  She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology and the University of Kansas, School of Medicine. 

Nurses and Clinical Staff

Turri Hall, RN
Clinic Nurse Manager
I have dedicated over 10 years to a career in Women's Health and recently returned to work in the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine.  I have found true fulfillment in bringing the joy of parenthood into other people's lives.

Judy Gay, RN
Clinic Nurse
I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing and have been a practicing nurse for 20 years. I joined the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine over 3 years ago.  The journey of parenthood is one of patience and strong will.  Helping to build these families is my passion.

Linda Anita Williams
Medical Assistant
Linda has been a part of the advanced reproductive medical team for two years.  As a  licensed Medical Assistant, she assists in front and back office for quality patient care. Linda is bilingual excelling in the Spanish language, and serves as an interpreter for medical staff and team.


Laboratory Staff

Dojun (David) Kim, MSc
Dojun received his Bachelor's degree and Master's degree from the Department of Life Science at Suwon University, South Korea. He trained as an embryologist at a leading IVF clinic, Maria Fertility Clinic, in South Korea where he became proficient in advaned reproductive technology. He has proficient skills in manipulating human embryos including in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), assisted hatching and cryopreservation of gametes and embryos. In August 2007, he moved to Kansas to join the Center for Advanced Reprodutive Medicine.

Paula Zhai, MD
Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Paula Zhai graduated from China and received an equivalent degree in the United States. She has been working as a laboratory technician since 1993. She is responsible for andrology and endocrinology tests along with assisting Dojun during IVF procedures.

Last modified: Dec 27, 2016