From our patients and new parents

"After being diagnosed with Severe Asherman's Syndrome I had little hope that I would become a mother at each appointment with Dr. Kim, hope was slowly restored.

He is a very honest and thoughtful in his plan of care. Plus, my husband and I loved how well he explained the why behind everything he does.

Dr. Kim is a miracle worker!"
- Anonymous

"Going through IVF is not an easy process. However, the staff at KU made my experience memorable. From the very beginning, they always made me feel like a VIP, as if I was their only patient. They would spend as much time with me as I needed, answering all my questions and explaining each and every detail. Everyone there was very friendly and easy to talk to. They just alway seemed to care. Anytime I needed anything the nurses would respond promptly.

Dr. Kim was the same way. He was absolutely phenomenal. It never seemed as if time was an issue for him. When my husband's test results came in he called us on a Sunday afternoon. Similarly when I had a miscarriage scare, he called to check up on me the following morning before the office even opened. However, what I appreciated the most about him was how thorough he was.

My last visit with them was filled with emotions. I was happy that I was able to progress to a general OB; however, I was sad that I would no longer have my regular scheduled appointments. I must say that they truly set the bar for what I expected from a doctor's office."
- V. A.

"I never imagined that having a baby could be so challenging. When my husband and I decided to start a family we never thought we would need to seek medical assistance. Our journey began approximately five years ago. After trying clomid, insemination, and three failed in vitro attempts with an endocrinologist, I decided to seek assistance elsewhere. At the time my mother and recently been diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer. My searches led me to Dr. Samuel Kim. I had read about his work with cancer patients and his expertise in advance reproductive treatment.

I was very happy with the wonderful staff. They made me feel like they really cared about me and my treatment. Going through the entire experience is very stressful and emotional so every bit of support is appreciated. Each nurse, assistant, and receptionist treated me as a friend or family member. When I got the call that I was pregnant, I think they were just as excited as I was if not more. Our son arrived July 2010 and is perfect. i feel very lucky and blessed everyday that i was able to become a mother which would not have been possible without their help and expertise."
- Anonymous

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