Fertility Preservation Program for Cancer Patients

The Fertility Preservation Program at the University of Kansas Medical Center is established to provide the service for cancer patients who desire to preserve fertility before gonadotoxic cancer treatment. This is the first Fertility Preservation Program in the region and perhaps the third in the US.

Aggressive cancer treatment can cause gonadal failure. Where the risk of gonadal failure is high with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it is wise to attempt to safeguard the fertility before treatment. To date, there are a few options for fertility preservation including sperm banking for men, oophoropexy, freezing of embryos, oocytes, and ovarian tissue for women.

Advances in cancer treatment resulted in increased long term cancer survivors. Fertility is the major concern for the young concer survivors. Therefore, awareness of the existence of fertility preservation options may be helpful for women and children with cancer.

  • Ovarian tissue freezing
  • Ovarian tissue transplantation
  • Oocyte freezing
  • Embryo freezing


Last modified: Mar 15, 2017