Center for Pelvic Pain and Sexual Health

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive care of couples with pelvic pain using a multi-disciplinary team approach. This commitment extends to the education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of women with pain syndromes with a goal of quality life improvement.

The Center for Pelvic Pain & Sexual Health is dedicated to providing interdisciplinary care of the whole person - a comprehensive approach to pelvic and sexual health focused on each client's unique situation.  When treating a physical pain disorder, it is important to also include the psychological, mental and social health of the patient in the treatment plan. Women who have multiple pain conditions are more sensitive to pain than those who do not.  This scientific knowledge allows our center to tailor treatment to each individual with a goal of improving the overall quality of life.  

Last modified: Nov 03, 2016
Office Location

Overland Park Quivira Office
12000 West 110th St, Ste. 100
Overland Park, KS 66210

To schedule an appointment, please call 913-588-6200.

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