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As the major academic center in the Kansas City area, we are committed to clinical research in neurosurgery. It is only through such research that miraculous breakthroughs have occurred in the field of medicine. However, our primary concern is always patient safety, which is why all clinical trials at the University of Kansas Hospital are subjected to multiple scrutinizing reviews. This ensures the privacy and safety of all our patients participating in clinical studies.

Currently we are enrolling patient for Clinical Trials in the treatment of 

  • Glioblastoma, malignant brain tumor

  • Hypertensive hemorrhage in the brain

  • Thermoablation of brain tumors

  • Acute traumatic spinal cord injury

  • Ischemic stroke

  • Pituitary Adenoma Research under T. Rajendra Kumar, PhD link

For ongoing Clinical Research studies in Neurosurgery at KU, CLICK HERE.

Our physicians are constantly evaluating new therapies for our Neurosurgical patients. We are often the only hope for the patients who have failed conventional therapies. We work closely with physicians in all other fields including medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, cardiology, and internal medicine to provide comprehensive care for our patients with difficult to treat neurosurgical problems.

Drs. Arnold, Camarata, Chamoun, and Dr. Nazzaro are also actively involved in a number of investigational clinical protocols that are examining new treatments for patients with spine disease, brain tumors, vascular disease, and movement disorders.

KU Hoglund Brain Imaging Center

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018