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KU Neurosurgery in the News

Frank Teachenor MD & Charles Brackett MD Dr. Frank Teachenor & Dr. Charles Brackett - Giants in Neurosurgery

 Read the story on these two influencial neurosurgeons who served at the University of Kansas Medical Center

Becker's Top 100 programs The University of Kansas Hospital is named in top 100 hospitals with great neurosurgery and spine care

 KU is the only hospital named in the Kansas City Metro area!

Midwest Neurosurgery

KU Hosts Midwest Neurosurgical Society Meeting

Annual Meeting hosted by the Neurosurgery Department at KU

3D Printing

3D Printer used to Prepare for Surgery

KU Neurosurgeons create a 3D model to simulate surgery prior to going to the operating room.

Laser ThermoablationNeuroBlate offers new hope to Brain Tumor Patients  

Laser Thermoablation, NeuroBlate, offers new hope to Brain Tumor patients.

Sledding AccidentTeen recovers at KU from sledding accident  

Dr. Paul Arnold helps a Kansas City teen recover from a near devastating sledding injury

Pituitary Conference1st annual Pituitary Conference   

KU hosts multi-disciplanary Pituitary conference

Ice Skater Aneurysm RuptureIce Skater returns to rink after aneurysm rupture  A young Kansas City ice skater returns to the ice after a near miraculous recovery from an aneurysm rupture

Neurosurgeon Uses "Superglue" to help save infant's life KU Neurosurgeon uses newest interventional techniques in what may be first ever case of aneurysm treated in this manner in a newborn.

molly ogden stroke victimYoung Molly suffers a large stroke, makes amazing recovery KU's Stroke team helps young Molly Ogden recover from a major stroke.  Read about her story here at National Orange Popsicle Week's website

Dr. Paul Camarata talks about Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's disease in advance of a local Midwest fund raising event, Basketball for Parkinson's at the College Basketball Experience

Amber's storyAwake Brain Surgery to remove tumors

KU Neurosurgeons work during snowstorm to remove multiple brain tumors in young woman who has fought the disease for ten years,using techniques to identify eloquent brain areas while she was awake.

Nazzaro on DBSDeep Brain Stimulation program gives woman her 'life back' from disabling dystonia Patient Kelly Chancey talks about her life with a disabling, heriditary dystonia, and the amazing improvement with deep brain stimulation at KU, under the care of Dr. Jules Nazzaro and Dr. Richard Dubinsky.

Ebersole meets patientPatient thanks doctor for saving his life Dr. Koji Ebersole, Director of Endovascular Neurosurgery at KU, uses a new, minimally-invasive treatment to cure motorcycle accident victim with treacherous aneurysm.

Physician brings exciting new techniques to KU Neurosurgery Dr. Roukoz Chamoun launches new program to remove brain tumors using minimally-invasive techniques.

Last modified: May 15, 2019
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