Pituitary Tumors

The vast majority of pituitary tumors are benign adenomas. Some of these tumors secrete excessive amounts of hormones, others restrict the normal secretory function of the pituitary gland. When they are large enough, they can cause mass effect on other brain structures as well; mainly the optic apparatus. While some of the small pituitary tumors can be simply watched, others have to be treated. The treatment options depend on the size and type of the tumor. Surgical removal is frequently recommended, it is typically done through the nose (either endoscopically or microscopically); occasionally a cranial approach is needed. In some cases, other forms of treatment are indicated such as medications or radiotherapy.

Pituitary tumorThis patient presented with visual loss due to a pituitary tumor. An endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery was performed for resection of the tumor.


Last modified: Jan 19, 2014