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Spinal Disorders Program

KU Spinal Disorders Program

Mission Statement  

The KU Spinal Disorders Program, under the direction of Sarah Woodrow, MD, strives to offer the best spine care to each and every patient. The multi-disciplinary team looks at each and every patient to determine which treatment(s) will serve the patient the best. The team involves neurosurgeons, pain management physicians, rehabilitation medicine physicians, neurologists, physical therapists, and others.  

The Neurosurgery Department at the University of Kansas Medical Center is very active in all aspects of spine surgery from basic research into spinal cord injury to complex spine stabilization and minimally invasive decompression.  All elective patients are seen in the Marc A. Asher Comprehensive Spine Center with a multidisciplinary approach to spine care for optimal outcomes.    

Marc A. Asher Spine Center

As a tertiary medical center we treat a large number of spine tumors, spine trauma, and complex degenerative spine which are referred by other spine surgeons from the surrounding areas. We have the latest technology, including O-arm & Aero, to perform procedures in the most efficient and accurate manner.  

Sarah Woodrow, MD, leads the minimally invasive spine surgery team. Patients undergoing minimally invasive spine surgery have a smaller incision and have a shorter recovery from their surgery. Procedures are performed through tubes that access the area of interest.  

The Department of Neurosurgery is actively involved in spinal cord injury studies. 

Last modified: Oct 01, 2018
Patient Care

KU Neurosurgery Spine Surgeons:

Call 913-588-6122 to make an appointment with one of these doctors.

Basic Science Collaborators:

Randolph J. Nudo, Ph.D: Spinal Cord Injury