Brain Aneurysms & AVM's

The University of Kansas has a comprehensive multidisciplinary program for the management of vascular disorders of the central nervous system. Diseases treated include brain aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, cavernous malformations, stroke, moyamoya disease and others. The treatment of these patients may require microsurgical procedures, endovascular interventions and/or radiosurgical therapies. Complex cases are presented at a biweekly vascular conference that includes a multidisciplinary team of various specialists.

Similarly, our Stroke Center is one of the 1st 5 programs in the United States, and the only in the area, to be designated a Comprehensive Stroke Center by the Joint Commission.  As the first center in the area to begin using the Pipeline Endovascular Device, our practioners are experienced with the latest, most-innovative techniques to treat aneurysms and vascular lesions of the brain.  Years of experience in treating these lesions with traditional microsurgical techniques brings with it optimal outcomes.

Patients are cared for in the neuro intensive care unit where a team of specially-trained physicians, nurses, therapists, and other professionals provides balanced, attentive care in a unique environment.


Last modified: Apr 23, 2014