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KU is committed to providing its residents and fellows with a competitive annual salary and benefits package. Employee benefits include medical and dental plans, paid time off, retirement plans, as well as other benefits.


Educational perks

  • Residents are eligible for an educational stipend to attend a conference or for the purchase of books, CDs or other educational materials subject to approval of the program.
  • Access to KU's medical library is given for house staff to browse electronic journals without a subscription.
  • $1,500 allotment per resident per year for AAN membership, books/media, meetings/conferences
    • $200 per resident in PGY1 for tools (ophthalmoscope)
    • $1,500 during senior year for board preparation


  • Malpractice insurance coverage is provided to all employees.
  • Health and dental insurance for you and your family

Vacation and leave

  • Residents are eligible for time off benefits. Holiday call will be equitably distributed by the program director.
  • Residents receive three weeks of paid vacation each academic year.
  • Sick leave is time that can be used in case of illness or injury. Residents are allowed 10 non-cumulative days of sick leave each year.
  • Extended leave without pay is given for reason of family or person illness, serious health conditions, disability or the birth or adoption of a child.


  • Free access to KU's onsite fitness center
  • Laundry service
  • Meal allowance
Last modified: Sep 28, 2018